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Construction Game Ideas


The Crane

Play this game like "London Bridge Is Falling Down" sing the words to
that tune and have the children walk under the crane. After two children have
been caught, they may form another crane for the rest to walk under.

Lift the dirt up in a crane
In a crane, in a crane
Lift the dirt up in a crane
Dump into the dump truck
(Drop hands to catch child)


Pin the Tools on Bob

This is just like Pin the tail on the Donkey. Get a poster of Bob the Builder
 and create a few cardboard tools for the kids to pin on while blindfolded.


Tool Shapes

Use tool shapes as a matching game the shape to the outline. Just trace
 the shape to the construction paper and cut out and then just trace a
 shape to another piece of construction paper and let them match them.


Toolbox Game

Put one tool in a toolbox and sit in front of children.  Hold toolbox up to one child,
 quickly open box, let child see tool, and close box. Have child tell which tool he saw.
 Put two tools in toolbox. Let child see  the tools and close box. Open
 and remove one tool. Let child look in the box and tell which tool is missing.


Scoop's Scooping Game

Divide your group into two equal teams. Give each team a bucket, bowl,
 or dump truck. Then give each person of every team a spoon and a pile of sand.
Have each team sit around the bucket, and when you say "go" each team has to try and
 fill their bucket with sand using only their spoons. The team to fill their bucket first wins.


Dress the Builder

Divide the kids into two teams and have them select one team member to dress.
 Give each team a T-shirt, a flannel shirt, jeans, socks, work gloves, goggles,
tool belt and tools. The first team to dress the person wins the game! Another
 variation of this game is to have each team take a roll of caution tape and
wrap it around one kid until he's completely covered. First team to finish wins.


Roley the Steamroller's Relay

Divide the group of kids into two teams. Within each team, group the children in pairs
 (if there is an odd number of kids, have one group of three). Make a start and finish
 line for each team and mark it off with caution tape. Have each team stand in a line,
 while the pairs are standing next to each other. Then have the first kid from each pair
 cross his/her arms across the chest and lie down on the ground (this kid is going to be the
 "rollee"). The other kid from the pair rolls his/her partner to the finish line. Once they reach
 the finish line, the next pair should be ready to roll. As prizes, you can give steamroller trucks.


Wheel Barrow Races

Divide the group of kids into two equal teams and have each standing in a single file
 line one after the other. Then tell the first kid in each line to get on their hands
 and knees. To start the game, the second player of each line grabs the first kid's
 ankles and holds up their legs (so that they can walk on their hands). Then have them
 race to a designated area and reverse back. Continue this until the first team to finish wins.


Wendy's Clean-Up Relay

Divide the group of kids into two teams. Line them up on one side of a large play area
 and place buckets on the other side of the play area. Then, for each team place a
 claw toy (the kind where you squeeze the handle to open the claw on the other end)
 and an equal number of blocks right by the buckets. To start the game, the first person
 on each team runs as fast as they can to their team's blocks and uses the claw to
 pick one block up and put it in the bucket. When they finish, they return to their team and tag
 the next kid who continues doing the same thing. The first team to finish is the winning team.


Foreman Says

Here's a cool variation on one of the classic party game ideas:
Simon Says. One child should wear a construction helmet and can be the one to call
out the commands. The kid says "Foreman Says" and the others do as they are told.
 Some command examples are: dig with a shovel, mix cement, drive a truck, hammer
 a nail, etc. If the "Foreman" doesn't say "Foreman Says" the others stay still. Those who do
 move are out. Play continues until only one contestant remains and is declared the winner.


Find Bob's Phone Hunt

Hide a bunch of toy cell phones (which you can find at candy stores with candy in them).
 Gather all of the kids together, have a phone ring in your pocket, and then say "Oh no, Bob
 the Builder has lost his cell phone again and it's ringing!!" Then give the kids five to ten minutes to
 run around the classroom and search for the phones. Make sure everyone gets a phone in the end.




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