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Praying Bear Angel



Jumbo Pipe Cleaners



Paper Doilies
for Angel Crafts



Doily Angel

Use a 6x9 and cut a triangle for
 the "dress". From the scrapes
 cut rectangles or triangles for arms.
 Cut a circle head. Decorate with
crayon and glitter. Use 1/2 a
doily glued on the back for wings.











Angel Arts & Crafts Ideas


Angelic Art

To prepare, cut a class supply of seven inch tall triangles from inexpensive
 lace fabric and three inch circles from white or skin toned construction paper.
  Have each child glue a triangle body and a circle face onto a sheet of
construction paper.  Then have him press his hands into white tempera paint
 and onto the paper to make the angel's wings.  Have him use crayons to
 add facial features and glitter glue to add a halo.  If desired,
attach the following poem to each child's angel picture.

I'm just a little angel,
So sweet and heavenly,
Made from lace and handprints
For all the world to see.


Footprint Angel

You can use the new fun foam stuff or just poster board for this project.
  Trace each of your children's foot once, using white (for dress) and both
 hands (using yellow for wings).  Cut out each part.  Let the children glitter
 and glue the hands to make wings sparkle.  Take each child's picture
 focusing on their head and face.  Help the children glue hands (wings)
 to the feet (body).  Cut their face from picture and glue to body.  Add
 string to make it hang.  Add a piece of sparkly pipe cleaner for a halo.
  Using a paint pen, date the bottom The tag reads as follows:

This little angel is special you see;
Because she is a part of me!!
Her wings are my hands,
Her body my feet!
And on our tree she'll look very sweet!!!!


Angel Centerpiece

Stuff a colored paper lunch bag with shredded tissue paper or newspaper strips.
  Fold over the top and staple the bag shut.  Then fold a white paper doily over the
 top and staple it in place.  Glue on a precut four inch paper circle for the angel's
 face.  Use a crayon or marker to add facial features; then glue on hair made
 of crinkled gift wrap stuffing, yarn, or floral moss.  Bend a sparkly pipe cleaner
 into a halo and staple it to the top of the bag so it sits atop the angel's head.


Coffee Filter Angel Craft

Materials Needed:
Three coffee filters for each angel
One large bead for the head
Pipe cleaner
Doll hair

Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Gather up one coffee filter across the width
 and wind one of the halves of pipe cleaners around it to make the wings.
 Cut about 10 strings of doll hair about 6 inches long. Wrap the other half
 of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the doll hair lengths leaving about
 1 1/2” of pipe cleaner at one end. Wind the 1 1/2” length around to form a
 halo. Insert the other end of the pipe cleaner through the center of a coffee
 filter and then through the center of the bead and then through the center
 of another coffee filter. Bend a loop in the end of the pipe cleaner so the
 coffee filters and bead don’t fall off. Bring the top coffee filter down around
 the bead and gather it around the bottom of the bead to form the neck of the
 angel. Attach the wings to the body just below the bottom of the bead. Wind
 the ends of the pipe cleaner from the wings around to form the arm.
 Paint the angel with water colors or glitter glue and draw on a face.



Angelic Ornament

Place a cotton ball in the center of a coffee filter.  Wrap the filter around the
 cotton ball, gathering it so that the covered cotton ball resembles an angel's
 head.  Tie white yarn around what would be the angel's neck.  (Don't trim the
 excess yarn!)  Pinch the middle of a flattened foil candy wrapper or a piece
 of similar sized gift wrapping foil for the angel's wings.  Secure the wings with
 the yarn ends at the angel's neck.  Squirt a small dab of glue on top of the
 angel's head.  Sprinkle glitter atop the glue.  Use ornament hooks to hang
 these angelic ornaments on a miniature tree for a festive display.


Paper Plate Angel

Use a 6x9 and cut a triangle for the "dress". From the scrapes cut rectangles or triangles for arms.
 Cut a circle head. Decorate with crayon and glitter. Use 1/2 a doily glued on the back for wings.


Angel Ornament

Items Needed:
20" of 4" wide gathered lace
10" of 1" wide gathered lace
7/8" round wood bead or turning
Craft hair
1 square of white felt
Paint - brown or blue for eyes, red for lips
Craft wire
Braided cord
10" Fishing line or heavy duty clear thread
Hot glue gun

Gather 20" piece of 4" wide lace on wire and twist wire together for dress.  Hot glue wood bead on top
 of gathered lace.  Gather 10" piece of 1" wide lace on wire for collar, twist closed around base of head.
 Make wings out of felt in shape of a butterfly. Trim with braided cord around edge.  Glue craft hair on
 the top of the bead.   Cut a piece of braided cord to fit top of head (as halo) and glue ends together.
 Glue on top of hair.  Knot piece of fishing line together. Lay on top of wings with the loop above the wings
 (to use an hanger).   Generously glue wings to the back of angel.   Paint eyes and mouth on wood bead for face.



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