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Rainbow Fish

(Photo submitted by Shell)

We finger painted fish cutouts
and attached an aluminum foil
 fin cutout to each fish.  With
 younger children, I let them
 finger paint on a large sheet
 of paper and then once the paint
 dries, I cut the fish shape out.




Ocean Arts & Crafts Ideas


Under Ocean Painting

(Photos submitted by Geri)


Cereal-Studded Starfish

Create star-quality starfish with Cheerios. Using red construction paper, make a copy
 of the a star pattern  for each child. To make a cereal-studded starfish, a child cuts out
 the pattern along the bold outline. He glues aquarium rocks atop the cutout for eyes and
 a mouth if desired. Then he glues Cheerios atop the remaining areas of the cutout. "Neat-O!"


Sensational Sea Horses

Prepare to be stampeded with interested oceanographers when you create these special sea horses.
 Using orange construction paper, make a copy of a sea horse pattern for each child. To make a sea horse,
 a child cuts out the pattern along the bold outline. Then she tears thumb-size pieces of brown grocery
 bags and glues them atop the cutout. She glues on a button for an eye. Next she accordion-folds a one-foot
 length of orange crepe paper streamer, unfolds it, and glues it along the spine and tail of the cutout.
 Then she cuts ten strips from a four-inch length of the orange streamer. To complete the sea horse, she
twists the strips together and glues them to the back of the cutout to resemble a dorsal fin.


Snappy Crabs

Motivate youngsters to explore the ocean depths with these clever crabs. Using pink construction paper,
 make a copy of the pattern (see link below) for each child. To make a crab, a child cuts out the pattern
 along the bold outline. Then he places a paper towel that has been folded into fourths into a Styrofoam
 meat tray. He soaks the paper towel with blue tempera paint. Then he repeatedly presses a thumb
 into the paint and onto the cutout until the entire shell is covered with thumbprints. For each child,
cut two sections from an egg carton. He glues one side of each section atop the front claws to
resemble pincers. He glues on two pom-pom eyes and a length of yarn for a mouth. To make
 antennae, he folds a pipe cleaner into a V shape. To complete the project, he curls each
 end of the pipe cleaner; then he tapes it onto the cutout just above the pom-pom eyes.





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