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Gingerbread Man
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The Gingerbread Baby

We decorated our hallway in keeping with our favorite Jan Brett story, The Gingerbread Baby.
 I used plain brown paper and drew a simple house outline. You can use brown butcher paper.
 I used double sided tape to apply "snow" (this is the fake snow used under Christmas trees -
you can also use the stuffing for pillows). The students made glittery gumdrops, pattern candy
 canes and coffee filter snowflakes to make our gingerbread house beautiful. Around
 the outside we had our very own gingerbread babies frolicking in the snow.


Colored Gingerbread

Make different colored gingerbread houses and laminate on poster board.
 Then die cut coordinating gingerbread men and write children's names on them. At circle, give
 each child his/her gingerbread man and have them find the corresponding house he/she belongs to.


Ms./Mr. _________'s  Batch

Use foil for the background of your bulletin board (resembles a cookie sheet) ,
 cut out gingerbread men using light brown construction paper and write each child's name
 on one. At the top of your bulletin board place the following saying, " (your name) Batch"



Gingerbread Shapes

Cut out a supply of gingerbread shapes.  Staple the shapes
 onto a bulletin board to add a seasonal flair.


Sugar & Spice Filled Holiday

Have each child use sequins, glitter glue, and other craft items to decorate a
 gingerbread cookie cutout.  Spread a little glue on the cutout and then sprinkle a little
 ground ginger onto the glue to add a touch of fragrance.  Set the cutout aside to dry.
  Staple a large cookie jar shape onto a bulletin board.  Add the completed cookie cutouts to
 the display, then on the cookie jar, add the title: HAVE A SUGAR AND SPICE FILLED HOLIDAY!




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