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Farm Language & Literacy Ideas



Farm Living Is for Me

One of the privileges of childhood is the ability to change career aspirations every day--or even every hour!
Well, just for the moment, encourage youngsters to try on farming--if only in their imaginations.
 In advance, make a photocopy of each child's school photo. Then duplicate a farmer pattern
on construction paper for each child. Have an adult cut out each face. Then tape a photocopied
 school photo to the back of each farmer so that the child's photo appears on the farmer's body cutout.
Give each child a large sheet of art paper and his/her farmer pattern. Ask each child to think about
 what kind of plant or animal she would like to raise if he/she were a farmer. Encourage the
child to color or paint the page to represent his/her farm. Then have the child color and cut out their farmer
 pattern and glue it to the page. Give each child a blank sheet of paper on which to write or dictate to describe
 their farm. Staple each child's paper to their farm scene. Display the finished projects on a bulletin board titled
"If I Were a Farmer...."


Horse Tales

Invite the children to dictate stories about meeting or riding a horse.
Write on horse shaped paper.


Farmer's Job Duties

Discuss the different jobs of farmers.


Farm Animal Discussion

Discuss the roles of each animal on the farm.
Ask children what they know about each animal.


Farm Animals Sounds

Discuss farm animals and the sounds they make.  Practice the sounds.  Then play a game
 with the sounds.  As you or one of the children call out the sound everyone repeats that sound.


Farm Field Trip Class Book / Language Experience

 Make a FARM field trip book or you could make it for just a language experience
We took a trip to the Farm (I put a picture of children and a bus)

There were many sights to see.  I saw a ____________________
There were lots of sounds to hear.  I heard a __________________
There were many smells to smell.  I smelled ___________________.
There were many things to touch.  I touched a ________________.


Purple Cows

I just talked about purple cows with my class today. We read the little poem:


Anyway, we then wrote our own story about a purple cow and
 then I am going to type it up and send it home for the families.

The children got to drink purple cows as a treat. Grape soda
 and ice cream. Some people add milk, but I prefer the ice cream.


The Animals On the Farm

Use beanie babies, plastic animals, or laminated pictures.
Give each child an animal (one at a time, not all at once).
Then encourage the child to tell you what the animal is and make the animal's sound.
Then sing the song as follows:

The cow on the farm goes moo moo moo,
moo, moo, moo, moo, moo, moo,
The cow on the farm goes moo, moo, moo,
All the whole day!

(Continue along, substituting different animals).



Cow Discussion

Talk about what cows give us, why they are important, and why God made the animals.


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