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Farm Fine Motor Ideas


Oats & Hay

Put oats or hay in sensory table.  Use plastic horses as props.
In the photo above, I poured 8 containers of dry oatmeal into the sensory table.
I place cups, spoons,  bowls, and such for the children to explore with.
After a week of the dry oatmeal, we decided to add water to it for a whole new texture.
(see photo below)

(Photos submitted by Shell)


Build a Barn

Build a barn from blocks.  Provide stuffed/plastic farm animals for your children to
 incorporate as they play.  They can build pens, stalls, fences, or other farm structures.


Crows in the Corn

Pour popcorn kernels in a tub with black beans.
Children transfer the crows (black beans) out of the corn with tweezers.

Farm Life Sensory Tub

Place the following items in your sensory tub/table... straw, plastic farm animals,
 popcorn kernels, chenille chicks, plastic eggs, toy tractors, corn husks, etc.

Place a farm related sensory filler such as: Easter grass, corn kernels, oats, cotton balls, plastic eggs,
etc.  Then hide farm related items for the children to find: farm animals, farm tools, farm products, etc.


Sensory Tub Sort

Add  small plastic animals and green Easter grass in a sensory tub.
You could then have a sorting tray (vegetable tray) and have the children sort the animals
 by color or animal, large or small, or animals with tails and animals without tails.


Milk the Cow using a broom & glove

I take a broom and tie a plastic glove filled with milk and poke tiny holes using a pin.
 Place the broom between two chairs and the kids can milk the cow.
 I also make a cow to place over the broom so that you don't see the broom.

Ahead of time, make a pinhole in each fingertip of a latex glove. Outside, hang a clothesline
 about three feet above the ground.  Clip the prepared glove to the clothesline with a spring-type
 clothespin. Place a pail below the glove and a low stool or chair beside it. To help the kids
 understand more about cows, milk a glove! Fill the prepared glove with water. Let the kids take
 turns squeezing the fingertips of the glove as if milking, so that the bucket goes into the bucket.


Milk the Cow using Cow Picture & Glove

We took white bulletin board paper and drew a 3-4ft picture of a cow without the udders.
We filled latex gloves with water and pinned the udders to the picture and the picture to
 the bulletin board.  We also placed our water table under the udders to catch the "milk".
 All the kids had a ball "milking the cow". Oh! We used a pin to prick the
 tips of the gloves and took pictures of the kids while they were at work.


Milking a Glove

To help children understand more about milking cows, milk a glove.
Fill the prepared glove with water. Let the kids take turns squeezing
 the fingertips of the glove as if milking.


Musical Cow Bells

Collect a variety of cow bells. The children can use the bells for making music.
Place them in the music center for exploration


Edible Cow Necklace

Let the children create cow necklaces by slicing black licorice into sections.
 Provide licorice sections and cheerios to string.


Flax Seed

Buy some flax seed for your sensory table.


Muddy Pigs

Okay... this one is for the brave ones out there.
Add mud and plastic toy pigs to your sensory table!


Muddy Pig

I give the children a pink construction paper pig cut-out and give them some
chocolate pudding to use to finger paint the pig. They all enjoy this simple art activity.


Pudding Mud

Place chocolate pudding "mud" in a messy tray and let children use their fingers
 to write or draw with. You may choose to hide plastic pigs in a mound of pudding.


Feed the Sheep

Glue a picture of a sheep onto a paper plate.  Provide tweezers and grass. 
Encourage the children to pick up the grass with tweezers to feed the sheep.


Three Little Pigs

For oral stimulation and mouth closure, let the children re-enact the Three Little Pigs.
Provide a tray with pink cotton balls, wolf straws, and laminated paper houses
(brick, stick, and hay). Place the pink pig cotton balls onto each house. Encourage the
child to take the straw with a small picture of the wolf on it, and blow the pigs out of their house.


Three Little Pigs Block Houses

Encourage children to build the 3 Little Pigs houses. Challenge them to create houses
 sturdy enough to withstand the wolf's huff and puff. Then take turns letting each child huff and
 puff and blow their block houses down, of course, knocking them down is always an option!





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