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Fall Game Ideas


Scarecrows and Crows

Stand in the middle of an open area with your arms at your sides.
Let your children walk around you, pretending to be crows.
Whenever you hold your arms out like a scarecrow's, have
the children "fly away."  Whenever you lower your arms,
have the children come back and walk around you again.


Scarecrow Fun

Put an autumn slant on the traditional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
 Draw a large, simple scarecrow face without the nose. Then cut out a class
 supply of noses that are different shapes and colors. Write each child's
 initials on a different nose. Then affix a piece of double-sided tape to the back
 of each nose and let the game begin! Blindfold, turn, stick, look, and giggle! 


Leaf Toss

Take a sheet, or a parachute. Gather real leaves, fabric leaves, or
paper leaves. Place them in the middle of the sheet. Gather around the sheet and
 have the children lift the sheet slowly and then quickly to see how all the leaves "float".


Leaf Match

Use a glue stick to glue leaves plucked from 4-6 different trees on to a
poster board. Cover with clear contact paper.  Sandwich leaves of the same
 size and variety between two pieces of clear contact paper. Trim around each
 leaves leaving a o " sealed edge.  Set the board and leaves on a tray.
 The children match the leaves.


Hide Nuts

Hide them throughout the room children pretend to be squirrels and
gather the nuts fun by tasting the nuts that have been discovered.
 Nut are good for sorting... as far as shape, size and color.


Pumpkin Hunt

Ask some avid tennis players to save (flat) orange tennis
balls for you. Use a permanent black marker to draw
Jack O’ Lantern faces on some of the balls. Hide the
balls in the play yard. As the children find them,
they sort them into one of two bushel baskets - one
for plain pumpkins and one for Jack O Lanterns.

Song to sing during the hunt.
(Sung to tune of: Paw Paw Patch)
Pickin’ up pumpkins; put ‘em in the basket,
Pickin’ up Pumpkins; put ‘em in the basket
Pickin’ up Pumpkins; put ‘em in the basket
Way down yonder in the pumpkin patch.


Fall Scavenger Hunt

Make: Twigs, Rocks and stones, leaves, acorns etc.

Props: Plastic tubs for each type of things the children would have found on their walk,
 and l paper plate for each child.   On a fall day enjoy a hike to a near by park.
 Let each child carry a small paper bag which he/she has decorated at art. While
 walking encourage the children to pick up a variety of things which remind them of fall.

When you return to the center have the children bring their bags to the circle time area.
 Give each child a paper plate and have him/her dump the goodies onto it. Then put
 one of the fall signs on the felt board, for example the acorn. Have the children
 name it. Then walk around the circle with one of the plastic tubs. Let the children
 put all of the acorns which they found on their walk into the tub.  Next display one
 of the leaves - name the type of leaf it is. Talk about its particular shape and size
. One again walk into around with another tub. Continue
 until all of the items have been sorted into different tubs.

Extension: Put the tubs in the Discover Area of your classroom so
 the children can examine the fall signs more closely during free play.


Pin the Face on the Pumpkin

 Draw a large pumpkin on a piece of poster board and paint it orange. 
Then cut out pieces for the face in black (eyes, nose, mouth, stem,
ears to make it even more fun).  Then blindfold (optional) and spin the
 child (once again optional) then have them pin pieces of the face on the pumpkin.
  The kids love to see what their pumpkins face looks like when they are done.

Scarecrow File Folder Game

 I have a simple scarecrow pattern on the folder and the children either
 roll the die and place the appropriate number of buttons on the scarecrow
 or the appropriate number of crows on his  shoulder.  Once your scarecrow is
 done you could also make a list like "one  hat, two arms, three
 patches, etc  Let the children come up with each item.



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