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Fall Bulletin Board Ideas


Fall into Learning

Autumn theme with a tree and different gold, red and brown shades
 of leaves falling to the ground, use students names if desired


Fall Is Something to Crow About! 

This colorful pumpkin patch is something to crow about! To make a scarecrow,
 draw facial features on a white pillowcase. Stuff the pillowcase, a pair of
 children's overalls, and a child's long-sleeved shirt with newspaper. Staple
 these items to the board amid a student-created pumpkin patch. Add a
 hat and clumps of shredded tissue-paper straw to complete the harvest scene. 


Fall Tree

Create a tree on your bulletin board. Put a picture of each child on a leaf
 or cut the picture into a leaf shape. Help your children recognize
 their names by writing their name under their picture.


Nuts About Preschool

Use acorn and squirrel cutouts.


Seasonal Apple Tree Bulletin Board

This child-created 3-D display will bring out the autumn in any classroom!
 Mount a brown construction paper tree trunk and branches on a bulletin
 board background or wall. Attach sponge-painted leaves and paper-bag
 apples to the tree branches. As the season progresses, have youngsters
 occasionally remove some of the apples and leaves to represent
 the seasonal changes of a real apple tree.

(Photo submitted by Shell)

Delightfully Corny Crop

Cover the board with light blue paper to resemble sky.  Add a strip of brown paper
 across the bottom to represent soil.  Buy a premade scarecrow or make a scarecrow
buddy as a centerpiece for the display. Collect a large supply of plastic grocery bags and
 some children's clothing - a flannel shirt, pull-on pants or overalls, a pair of gardening
gloves, and a pair of socks.  To create the scarecrows body, use the plastic bags to
 stuff the clothing. Use a few simple stitches with heavy duty thread to sew
the clothing together at strategic points, such as the waist and cuffs.  Then
 insert a wire clothes hanger inside the shoulders of the stuffed shirt.  Use
 pliers to pinch the hanger hook into a loop.  Fashion a head for the scarecrow
 by stuffing some plastic bags into a paper grocery bag.  Gather the open end
 of the bag and secure it with a thick rubber band.  Then slip the gathered end
 over the clothes-hanger loop.  Hot glue the head to the scarecrow's shirt collar.
  Also use hot glue to attach a child sized straw hat. Paint a face on your
scarecrow; then if desired, add some finishing touches, such as suspenders
or yarn hair.  Attach him to the board with pushpins at the edges of his clothing.
Or you can do what I did, which was purchase a premade scarecrow at Wal-Mart.
  Next cut strips of green bulletin board paper in varying lengths.  Staple the strips
 along the bottom of the bulletin board to resemble corn stalks.  To each cornstalk,
 attach several of the students' corny collages (activity below).  Add green crepe
 paper husks to each ear of corn.  Tuck a few thin strips of yellow construction paper or
 some strands of yellow Easter grass behind the tip of each ear of corn to resemble
 corn silk.  Add crows from the activity below above the corn and scarecrow.


Corny Collages

Create an ear of corn pattern for each child (similar to shape of an egg but much
 taller on yellow construction paper.  Then provide glue and popped popcorn.
  Have children glue the popcorn onto their yellow corn shape.  When the corn
 projects have dried, have each child glue a green construction
 paper husk to the cutout. Attach to bulletin board above.


Pokin' Around the Pumpkin Patch

It's time to go pokin' around the pumpkin patch! Add a brown paper fence to a black background.
 To fill the patch with pumpkins, help each child stuff a paper lunch-size bag with newspaper,
 twist the top, and secure it with a rubber band. Have each child paint her bag to resemble a
 pumpkin. Pin the pumpkins to the board. Add a friendly scarecrow character to the board
 to guard the patch until the pumpkins are ripe for picking!


Something To Crow About

Create a crow pattern (most bird patterns work well for this) on white construction
 paper for each child.  Have each child cut out his pattern.  Assist him in using
 pieces of rolled masking tape to attach the crow cutout to a sheet of newspaper.
  Encourage each child to use black and blue tempera paint to sponge paint his cutout.
  Allow the paint to dry; then provide each child with two white paper reinforcers to
 represent the crow's eyes.  If desired, have him glue several black craft feathers
 to the crow's wings and tail.  Have each child glue a yellow construction paper beak
 to his crow.  Attach the finished crows to the  Delightfully Corny Crop bulletin board above.


(Photo and Ideas submitted by Rose-Marlene Lytle
Our Saviour's Preschool - Oxnard, California)

Fall Wall

The scarecrows are painted with Glitter Paint.  They are jointed. I don't
 know where the pattern came from. We have had it around for ages.

The tree is brown packing paper, crumpled up into long strips and taped on the wall.

The spiders are painted paper plates.  Cut a circle from the middle of the plate that is the body.
 The legs are the outer rim of the plate cut into stripes. Glue or staple the legs unto the body.

The bird pattern has colorful feathers glued on it.

The leaf pattern is a construction paper collage.

The apples have each child's picture in the middle.

The flat pumpkins are painted orange.

The grass is green construction paper cut into strips half way  to look like grass.

The paper bag pumpkins are stuffed paper bags painted orange.

The scarecrows has each child's name written on the hat,
Brown Packing Paper makes the wood the scarecrows.

Some of the birds and leaves are hanging from the ceiling as
 if  the birds are flying and the leaves are falling off the tree.

My class consists of 9 children ages 2- 3. All the crafts were made
 by the children.  Of course I cut and stapled. I believe in Hands on -
the child does as much as possible as their age permits.


Bulletin Board Idea

I love fabric as a bulletin board background. I have collected enough that I now have
 one for each month for my calendar bulletin board. For fall, you could use a pretty
fall print or a solid color. Or even some of that  "burlap" type material. Then, save it
 to use again next year!  Saves the  trouble of cutting that uncooperative paper, too!


Autumn Classroom Display

This child-created 3-D display will bring out the autumn in any classroom!
 Mount a brown construction paper tree trunk and branches on a bulletin board background
 or wall. Attach sponge-painted leaves and paper-bag apples to the tree branches.
 As the season progresses, have youngsters occasionally remove some of the
 apples and leaves to represent the seasonal changes of a real apple tree.


Forever Fall

Keep the colors of the season vibrant with this unique
way to preserve fall leaves. In advance, collect fall leaves
during a nature walk with your children. Preserve the leaves
by wiping them with cooking oil and then pressing them
between sheets of newspaper until they are dry
(approx. two weeks). Invite each child to choose
several leaves to glue onto a sheet of colorful construction paper.
Display the leaf collages on a bulletin board titled "Forever Fall."






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