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Dr. Seuss Game Ideas


(Photo by Shell)


Follow The Cat

Play just like Follow the Leader except the leader is wearing a Cat in the Hat Stovepipe Hat.
Take turns being the leader and don't forget that Seuss characters are silly and fun. 
So do silly things - flap your arms, wiggle around, hop on one foot, make silly noises...


Clean-up Relay

Play this exciting and fun relay race to clean up the mess before Mom gets home! 
 Provide Each team with one large shopping bag with handles.  Mark a starting line on
 one side of the room (or yard, if playing outdoors) and place a cone or chair at the
 other end, one for each team.  Scatter items along the course from start to finish;
 clothes, shoes, toys etc.  When you say "GO" the first player from each team
 quickly moves along their course picking up the items and placing them in the bag
 as they go. When they reach the cone they must return to their team while removing
 the items out of their bag along the way. This will create the "mess" for the next player so
 the items should be scattered, not placed in one pile. The last player on each team does not
 make the mess again but runs back to their team with a full bag, box or large plastic toy barrel. 


Who's Shoe Is It?

We talked about how many feet we have and then what covers our feet.  I would
describe someone's shoe and they were to tell me who's shoe I was talking about. .


The Fish Relay

You'll need two large plastic mixing bowls or acrylic fish bowls, two plastic
 fish and water. Fill the bowls with water and add the fish right before playing.
 The object of the game is to run from start to finish and back to your team
 without spilling all of the water or "sloshing" the fish out of the bowl. When
 the player returns to his/her team they will pass the bowl to the next player.


Balancing Act Relay

This time the teams will attempt to balance items on their head like The Cat?
  Before the party select a throw pillow or light shoebox for each team. When you say
 "Go!", the first player on each team will place the item on their head and walk to the
 cone at the end and then return to their team. Then the next player takes a turn.  It's
 okay if the pillow falls off, just keep trying. Keep your players in team as stated above.


Hat Toss

Make paper bag hats like the Cat in the Hat's.  Open your paper bag and roll down the top
 to create a brim for your hat.  Using construction paper or markers put red and white stripes
 on your bag.  Write your name on your new paper hat.  Wad up pieces of paper to create
 paper balls (make 5 - 10).  Place your paper hat on the floor so that the opening faces up.
  Stand away from your hat and try to toss your paper balls into the hat.


Game of Opposites

We played a game of opposites.  After reading "The Foot Book", we would discuss things that
 were opposite and play a game with it.  You can use your imagination but some of the things
 I did were:  Have a child stand up, then ask another child to show me the opposite of that. 
 The other child would sit down.  I had a child turn the light off, then another to do the
 opposite which was turn the light on.  I would have a child look up, then another look
 down.  Like I said, use your imagination.  This is also a good gross motor activity to
 keep the kids moving.  You could do something as the teacher or leader and have
 the class do the opposite.  If you sit, the rest of the class would stand.


Pin the Hat on the Cat


Beforehand, draw a large "Cat in the Hat" and remove the Hat.  Blindfold one child at at time. 
 Gently spin the child around a few times.  Stop and face them in the right direction towards
 "The Cat."  Encourage them to place the cut out hat on top of the Cat's
 head without removing the blindfold.  I laminated mine for more durability.


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
 Memory Game

Play a Match the Fish game.  I will have different pictures of the types of fish
 in the story. I'll have two of each and the child has to find the pair that's the same.






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