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Dr. Seuss
Birthday Card

Make a birthday card for
Dr. Seuss: Make red footprints
 on white paper and add
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!



Mulberry Street
Class Book

Each student draws a pic
 of what they saw on
 mulberry street  and you
 dictate it on paper for them.




1 Fish, 2 Fish,

Cut up blue & red colored tissue
paper into small squares. Let
children cover a fish template in
glue and stick the tissue pieces on.


Eggs & Ham

Give students a white paper plate.
  Cut out green shaped eggs
with a white center and  a piece
of green ham for each student.
  The students can glue these onto
 the paper plate. You can also
 have students cut out their
 own green eggs and ham.








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Dr. Seuss Art Ideas



"Cat In the Hat"  HATS

(Photo submitted by Shell)

Make a Cat In the Hat hat... click here.


 "Cat in the Hat"  HATS  II

I just used a large sheet of white paper, divided it into sections, and
had the children paint every other section. I took a 10" Chinet plate and
cut out most of the center. Roll the painted paper in a cylinder shape
with the top a little wider than the bottom. Staple it in place. Cut
slits about every couple of inches and fold them up. Set the hat, w/ends
up, on top of the plate. Staple the ends to the top of the plate. Attach
a string on each side for tying. And viola you have The Cat In The Hat.


The Cat in The Hat Sentence Strip Hats

Cat in the Hat hats are always fun.  I'm going to use a white sentence
strip for the band. Measure around the child's head so you know where to
staple it.  Students will then cut stripes of white and red paper and
glue them in a pattern to a hat shaped pattern that has been cut out for
them.   Have each student make two of these.  Take the hat pattern and
staple the brim of the hat to the sentence strip.  One on the front and
one on the back.  Now staple the two hat patterns together at the top so
it will stand up straight when on the child's head. Again, I'll send
pictures once we have completed.


Cat In the Hat Paper Plate Character

Have each child color the outer portion of a 9" white paper plate using a black crayon and draw
 a cat face in the center.  Next, have them draw a tall hat on a vertically positioned 9" x 10"
 piece of white construction paper.  After coloring red stripes on the hat, cut the hat out and glue
 to the paper plate cat's head.  Then prepare two construction paper ears and glue them in place.
 Finally, glue two six-inch red crepe paper streamers to the cat...
one vertically and one horizontally... to resemble the cat's bow.


Cat In the Hat Headbands

(Photo submitted by Nanette)

White rectangle construction paper stapled to white
headband, add red stripes with either paper/paint.


Fun Hats

 Have the children make a hat.  You can use: a paper plate, old pizza box top, cut out the center
 or a heavy cardboard.  I cut out the cardboard or plate or pizza box top into different Shapes,
 like rounded edges pointy edges....  Let the children decorate the hat any way they want.
 Use feather, silk flower, balloons, any items you may have in your room that can be recycled. 
 Be creative.  Give lots of glue and glitter. Wait to you see what they can do. Than I ask the
 the children to parade around the room asking" DO YOU LIKE MY HAT?" 
You can have a birthday party the next day and wear your HATS to the party


One Fish, Two Fish Art

Paint blue tinted corn syrup onto 3/4 of a paper plate or fish bowl shaped
construction paper, and glue paper fish and plants. It's messy, but
the results are beautiful. After the syrup has set for about two
hours,  cover them with plastic wrap to cut down on stickiness.


Yertle the Turtle

(Photo submitted by Shell)

Turn 2 paper plates upside down and paint green, let dry. Cut out front and back feet
 and little tail from brown or green construction paper. Staple to the inside of one paper
 plate.  Cut out head w/neck, then draw eyes and mouth or glue on wiggly eyes.
Staple to paper plate. Staple the two insides of the paper plates together.

Poke a hole in the top of the bowl in the middle. Then insert a piece of yarn
and tape to the inside of the bowl. Now those turtles can go for a walk.


Create a Foot Book

 Each child gets to dip their foot in paint then put a foot print on a piece of paper. 
Put together a book with everyone's foot (use lots of different colors) - even the teachers
 foot prints should be included.  I trace my feet as the largest feet in the classroom. I use
my feet as the books front and back covers.  The children's painted footprints go in the middle.


Foot Painting

(Photo submitted by Shell)

Set out a long piece of bulletin board paper or butcher paper.  Let the children take turns dipping
their feet in paint (the color of their choice) and walk along the paper to create their own footprints.


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