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Dinosaur Game Ideas


Dinosaur Bone Hunt

Cut out dinosaur bone shapes from cardboard and hide bones around the room. 
 Click here for pattern.  Let the children pretend they are paleontologists.


Dinosaur Fishing

Cut out colored eggs from construction paper.  You can attach small dinosaur
 stickers.  Attach small paper clips.  Use dowel rods that have an attached
 string with a magnet on the end for fishing pole.  -OR- To make the fishing
 pole, you will need to purchase a 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) dowel rod at a craft
 or hardware store.  Cut a groove around one end of the dowel rod about
 one inch (2.5 cm) from the end.  Tie a short length of yarn into the groove.
  Tie a small magnet onto the other end.
  (Magnetic strips are available at craft stores.)


Dino Memory

Make a dino memory game from dino stickers put
 on juice can lids or small poster board squares.


Dinosaur Directions

This game will help your children learn to follow directions.  Give each child
 a toy or construction paper dinosaur.  Ask the children to place their
 dinosaurs on their laps, feet, heads, hands, backs, stomachs, etc.


Dinosaur Bingo

Make four bingo boards from tag board and 36 dinosaur stickers (four each of nine
 different dinosaurs).  Divide  each board into nine boxes.  Put a different dinosaur
 sticker in each box.  Make sure none of the boards have the same arrangement
 of stickers.  Use a spinner from another game.  Make a new "face" for the
 spinner from a circular piece of paper divided into nine sections.  Place the
same nine stickers you used on your game boards on the new face.  Slip it
 under the spinner arrow and tape it down.  Provide small plastic dinosaur
 figures, small pebbles, or buttons as markers.  Spin the arrow.  The children
 locate the corresponding dinosaur on their game board and cover it with a marker. 
 Emphasize the identification process rather than who gets "bingo" first.


Paleontologist Dig

Pretend to be paleontologists and dig for dinosaur bones in the
 sandbox. (Use toothpicks/popsicle sticks/tongue depressors, etc.)


Tyrannosaurus Toss

Draw a picture of a large Tyrannosaurus head on a piece of sturdy cardboard.
 Use a sharp knife to cut the dinosaur's mouth including lots of teeth. Then
 prop the cardboard Tyrannosaurus head against a chair or secure it with tape
 across a doorway. Give the children bean bags and let them take turns
 "feeding the dinosaur" by tossing the bean bags into its mouth.


Dinosaur is Sleeping 

One child is Dinosaur who pretends to be asleep while everyone else hides.
 The everyone yells "Wake up, dinosaur." Dinosaur wakes up
 and tries to find everyone. Let children take turns being dinosaur.


Tyrannosaurus Rex Tag

Use Hula Hoops to define the water and let children act out the various
 plant-eating dinosaurs. When you call out "T. Rex" they scramble to their
 safe zones inside the hoops. Whoever is tagged gets to act out the next dinosaur.


Dizzy Dinosaurs

Children are divided into groups (Stegosaurus, Brontosauruses, Triceratops,
 and Pterodactyls. Enough chairs are placed in a large circle (facing toward the
 center) to accommodate all but one child, who will play it. The child who is IT
 stands in the center of the circle and announces the dino of his choice (from
 the four categories). All the Triceratops must scramble to change their sets
 with one another while IT also rushes to get an empty seat. If IT fails to get a
 seat, he or she becomes a Triceratops and the displaced dinosaur becomes IT.


Tar Pit Toss

Cover a wastebasket with black or brown construction paper.  Tape some
 plastic ferns to it.  Challenge the children to toss small plastic dinosaurs into it.




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