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Dental Hygiene Misc. Ideas & Links



Field Trip

Visit a dental office or have a hygienist come to you!  Many offices offer these services
 and are even willing to provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. for each student.


Tooth Fairy Bags

Make tooth fairy bags out of felt so that the children can put
his/her tooth inside to keep the tooth safe till he/she gets home.


Homemade Toothpaste

Materials Needed:
4 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp flavoring (vanilla, almond or peppermint Extract)
air-tight containers

Mix well. Dampen toothbrush and dip in toothpaste to use.


Even Dog's Need Their Teeth Brushed

If you have a child friendly dog... bring your dog into school and show the children
 how to brush your pets teeth... and explain that dogs need their teeth brushed too.


Happy and Sad Teeth Poster

Draw a line down the center of a piece of poster board. Draw a picture of a happy face tooth
 on the top left half and draw a picture of a sad face tooth on the top right half. Talk to the
children about which foods help teeth and which ones hurt them. Look through old
magazines together. Tear or cut out pictures of food and put them in a pile. Look at
 one picture at a time and decide together if it probably has a high or low sugar content.
 Glue pictures of food with high sugar content under the sad tooth drawing and glue
 pictures of food with low suger content under the happy tooth drawing.


Chewing Food

Talk about the importance of chewing our foods properly. Have each
 child take a bite from a carrot stick and ask them to chew six times
 and then roll the pieces around on their tongue. Are the pieces big? Can
 you swallow them? Now chew 10 more times? What do they feel like
now? The smaller the pieces are the easier it is to digest them. Explain
digest. Sample foods and determine which of our teeth we use for each ones.


Actions Of Our Teeth

Cut good size apple, carrot and celery pieces. Assemble food, scissors, two rocks, and sharp pointed
 knife. Ask children which teeth cuts like a scissors (front teeth). Have them take a bite paying
 attention to the cutting action. Next crush a piece of food between two rocks. Which teeth act
 that way? (Molars) Again take a bite and pay attention to grinding action. Lastly, cut something with knife.
Which teeth cut like a knife? (Canine) (Canine means like a dog) why do dogs need pointed teeth?


Healthy Choices vs. Unhealthy Choices

Discuss the types of food we might eat to promote good healthy teeth.
 Hang a large paper on the wall. The children will draw and color the foods that
 promote healthy teeth. Make a trash can for them to throw the unhealthy choices
 into. Or cut a variety of pictures on paper for children to sort through and paste appropriately.


Circle Time Dental Activities

Make tooth pieces for your calendar. Talk about good brushing and flossing habits.
Ask the children how they brush their teeth, let them demonstrate with their fingers.
If you don't already have their toothbrushes, tell them to bring them the next day.
 Start a dental chart to track the kids brushing their teeth.


When To Change Your Toothbrush

Show kids a new toothbrush and an old toothbrush. Talk about when to change tooth brushes

Icky Cavities

Discuss that we can create cavities in our teeth if we do not take care of them, etc.
 Juices, and food create germs, acids, and bacteria that can hurt our teeth (even though we
can't see the "stuff" attacking our teeth) and thus brushing and flossing are very important.


Toothbrushing Chart

Send home a calendar with kids....have them put two smiley faces in each box
when they brush their teeth nigh and day....and floss...when end of month
...they return it to u for a toothbrush etc.


Timmy the Tooth

Watch and participate in a Timmy the Tooth video





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