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Dental Hygiene Game Ideas



Whose Smile Is Whose

Take close up pictures of each child's smile.
Then hang them up and see if they
can guess whose smile is whose.

(Photo submitted by Nanette)


1, 2, 3... Brush

Seat the children in a circle and encourage them to assist you in counting aloud as they pass around
 a toothbrush.  When you reach a predetermined number, invite the child holding the toothbrush
 to pretend to brush his/her teeth.  Then begin counting and passing for another round of play.


Pass The Toothpaste

Sit in a circle and pass the toothpaste around, when the music stops whoever
 is holding the toothpaste has to go sit in the cookie jar! (the center of the circle)!!


Dental Bingo

Make up a bingo game with good and bad things for your teeth. 


Dental Item Match

 Trace around a toothpaste tube, tooth brush, cup, dental floss and anything
else that has to with dental on to construction paper and cut out. Then
trace the same shapes on a file folder to create a fun matching game.


Find the Toothbrushes

Play "Find the Toothbrushes" Hide poster cutouts of toothbrushes around room.
You can also trace various dental instruments onto bulletin board paper and
 then hide the pictures around the room. As the children find them they can
attach tape to the back and place it in the appropriate outline.
Discuss these as they are found.


Brushing Teeth Game

Divide children into two groups.  Have one group stand side by side in a line to represent the top
 row of teeth.  Have the other group kneel in front of the standing group to represent the bottom row
 of teeth.  Use a clean household broom to gently "brush"  the "teeth."  As you brush, point out that
 you should always brush away from the gums.  Explain that brushing keeps the food particles from getting
 under the gum and causing diseases.  If desired, you can then use a piece of rope to "floss" between the "teeth."


Find the Healthy Teeth

Precut several tooth cutouts from white construction paper.  (Click HERE for tooth pattern.)
 On some of the teeth, use a brown marker or crayon to draw cavities.  Mix the healthy and
 unhealthy teeth together.  Encourage your child to sort the teeth to find all the ones that are healthy.


Dental Hygiene Board Game

(Photo submitted by Shell)

I colored in the above Newbridge File Folder Game for my kids to play...
they love any type of board game.  You could even draw up your own board game
 for any theme.  If child lands on tooth pic, they move one space; if child lands on
 candy or lollipop, they lose a turn; if they land on toothpaste, they move two spaces;
 floss, they move 4 spaces, and if they land on the toothbrush, they move up one space.



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Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!



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