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Dental Hygiene Arts & Crafts Ideas



Sticky Fingers

Let the children fingerpaint with toothpaste.


Good Food Collage

Have the children make a "good food" for their
teeth collage out of pictures from magazines.


Dental Floss String Painting

Cut out a tooth shape from a piece of paper and string paint with dental floss.


Toothbrush Painting

(Photo submitted by Shell)

Precut tooth pattern from yellow construction paper.  Mix a dab of toothpaste
 or mint extract to some white paint.  Let the children paint the cutout with the
 toothpaste/paint mixture using a toothbrush.

(I attached two tongue depressor toothbrushes in
the pic above - on the top two teeth on right.)


Tongue Depressor Toothbrushes

Tape a small white rectangle to the right top side of a tongue depressor.
 Encourage the children to cut little slits onto the rectangle to create the brush. 
Then allow the children to decorate the handle (tongue depressor) anyway they choose.



 Cut a toothbrush shape for the children. Paint the handle with a
toothbrush and use yarn for the bristles.
~ or ~
Have the children design their own toothbrush cut from construction paper.
Have various art materials for them to use.


Soda Bottle Tooth

Cut the bottoms off of 16oz. clear soda bottles. Give the children toothbrushes
 and toothpaste and let them brush their "tooth".   Mix white tempera paint with
corn syrup.  Give the children toothbrushes to dip into the mixture and brush their
 tooth with.  The mixture will dry to a glossy finish and resemble a healthy tooth.


Tongue Depressor Toothbrush

Have the children create toothbrushes by gluing a cutout of a rectangle to the top par
t of a tongue depressor.  (See pic)  Once the rectangle is in place, show them how to
 cut slits on the side of the rectangle to create the "brush"  Encourage the children to
 decorate their toothbrush by coloring the tongue depressor with crayons or markers.


Tooth Brushing

When talking about teeth, try this idea. Cut out a large tooth shape from yellow construction paper for
 each child. Have the children pretend they are brushing this dirty yellow tooth by painting with white paint
 on toothbrushes--brush the tooth! Add a little bit of toothpaste to the paint to make a toothpaste smell.


Jumbo Toothbrush

Fold a 9x12 piece of white construction paper in half. Draw lines
 and have children cut up the lines and make bristles for the tooth brush.


Teeth Collage


(Photos submitted by Shell)

Let the children cut out teeth from magazines and glue onto paper to create a collage.


Decorative Toothbrush

Make a brush handle out of colored construction paper. Put child's name on back
 of the handle. Brush glue onto the handle. Give the children a variety of materials
to decorate their toothbrush handle with (like glitter, foam shapes, and stickers).


Toothbrush Holder

Make a toothbrush holder out of flour, salt  &water.  Make into a dough
 and coil into an upright shape.  Put in the sun for a day or so to dry. 
You can paint when dry or add food coloring to the dough before you coil.


Paper Plate Mouth

Fold a small paper plate in half. This will be a mouth the kids can open and close with
 their hand like a puppet. Using mirrors, have the children inspect their teeth and glue in
 mini-marshmallows where they have teeth.  Glue on a red tongue to the lower half.
These are especially sweet when someone has lost a tooth and leaves an empty space.


Mouth Full of Teeth

Make red playdough and assist the children in making gum shapes. 
Then let the children add white beans to look like a mouth full of teeth.


Keeping Track of Teeth

Hot glue a plastic bead onto the lid of a 35 mm film canister.  Put a cotton ball inside.
  Run string/ yarn through the bead and tie to make a necklace. Put a dental related
 sticker on the outside of the film canister.  The child now has a place to hold his/her
 tooth when he or shoe looses it at school!


Negative Image Painting

We cut out a molar template from poster board and let the children do a negative
 image painting onto a white piece of paper with a toothbrush.  They placed the
 template on the paper and filled the white paper with paint, then took the template off.


Dentist Reflector

Have the children cut out two strips of paper that when connected will fit around their head.
Connect the strips with glue or tape, (staples will catch the child's hair). Supply each child
 with a circle shaped piece of tagboard and a piece of tin foil. Have the child wrap the tin foil
 around the tagboard. Staple the tagboard to the headband. On mine, I wrote "Dr. Mollie" and
 "Dentist Thomas" or whatever they wanted to be.



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