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Decorated Maracas

Cut out maraca shapes and let
 the children decorate with glitter,
 confetti, colored glue.


Mexican Wardrobe

Make sombreros for the kids
 to wear. Make ponchos out
 of paper bags and allow the
 kids to paint in bright colors.


Mexican Blankets

I have cut a poster board into
four  rectangles/squares, and
then let the kids paint them all
 sorts of colors. Then they glue
 shapes made out of scrap material
 and then glue yarn little strings
on each end. It looks like
 a little Mexican blanket.


Hot Pepper Wreaths

Cut out red, green and yellow
 construction paper peppers and
 let the kids glue them to a paper
 plate with the  center cut out.
 Add a raffia bow on top,



Flowers are a traditional decoration
 at many Mexican celebrations. 
Have a classroom full of flowers
 by having all the children decorate paper towel/toilet paper rolls to look
 like big tropical flowers.  Use your
 imagination--crepe paper wrapped
 around and around, tissue paper
 stuffed in the tops, strips of
paper glued around the tube using
 the pinch and gather technique,
 etc.  As an added bonus you can
 stuff the tubes with special
 prizes or candies.





Cinco de Mayo Arts & Crafts  Ideas



Cut the middle section from a clear 2-liter pop bottle (could use smaller ones, if desired). 
Punch 3 holes at top and add string to make a hanger.    Cut strips of inexpensive plastic
 tablecloths to use for streamers hanging down from windsock.   Staple on.  If you are going
 to use them indoors,  you can add stickers for decoration.     For this occasion,  either use plastic
tablecloths in the colors of the Mexican flag....or just use bright colors,  the brighter the better.

Paper Taco

Cut circle from tan construction paper for taco shell. Wad up little pieces of brown tissue paper
 for pieces of hamburger. Use thin strips of green paper for lettuce. Red paper wedges make
 the tomatoes and strips of yellow make the cheese. Other things such as peppers can
 be added if desired, using the proper colored paper. Glue all pieces onto the paper taco.
 Fold in half.  Staple to hold shut. Glue taco onto a paper plate.


Tape two paper or plastic drinking cups together after adding rice or beans to inside. 
Use plenty of tape.  Color with markers.  Shake these to Mexican hat dance music.

Maracas II

Let each child decorate half of a paper towel tube with crayons or markers. 
Attach a piece of waxed paper or colored wrap to one end of the tube with a rubber
 band.  Place a handful of dried beans inside the tube.  Attach a piece of waxed
 paper or colored plastic wrap on the other end of the tube with a rubber band.

Cinco de Mayo Colors

Give the children bowls of red, blue and yellow finger paint, and sheets of white construction
 paper. Allow the children to mix the different colors of paint on their papers and talk about what
 they created. Talk about primary and secondary colors.


Paper mache' around a balloon is a simple one.  Another simple one is a brown grocery bag filled and tied
shut.  Have the children decorate the outside with tissue paper, streamers, crepe paper, etc.  (I don't tell
the children what's inside so they are really surprised when I tell them we are going to use it as a pinata.)

Pinata II

Use brown lunch bags for each child. Either cut strips of crepe paper or use the rolls of crepe paper streamers.
 Cut slits along one edge, making it like fringe. Glue strips onto the paper bag, starting at the bottom of the
 bag and overlapping each strip over the previous one. Fill bag with popped corn, candy, small toys, etc.
 Tie at the top and hang. Be sure to use lots of bright colored crepe paper, the more...the better.

Fiesta Shakers

To make a shaker, securely tape a piece of waxed paper over one end of a toilet paper tube.
You can also use strong color paper, construction paper or even wall paper. The brighter and
 more colorful it is the children will enjoy making this. Place a hand full of dried beans inside the
 tube and then cover the other end with another piece of paper that you used for the other side,
securely tape. Glue colorful squares of tissue paper, stickers, or even let them use markers,
 crayons or paint the outside to have it look very festive looking. Then add strips of colorful
tissue papers to make streamers to one end. Glue or tape them on to the end.
They will enjoy dancing at your celebration with their new shakers.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Stack 3 - 5 different colors and sizes of tissue paper circles on top of each other with the smallest on top. 
 Punch two holes side by side in the center of the stack of tissue paper.  Bend a pipe cleaner in half. 
 Then place each end in a different hole.  Make the ends of the pipe cleaner even. 
 Then twist the ends together to make a stem.  Arrange the tissue paper petals as desired.

Mexican Lantern

Let the children decorate a piece of construction paper with crayons or markers. 
Fold the construction paper in half lengthwise.  Make cuts at the beginning of the fold
 and leaving a 1" border around all edges except on the fold.  Unfold the paper and roll it
(decorated side out) into a cylinder.  Tape the sides together.  Punch holes in opposite
sides of the lantern's top and string with yarn for hanging.  Punch four equally spaced
holes around the bottom of the lantern.  Place a bead on a piece of yarn and tie a knot
under it.  Repeat with three other beads.  Tie one beaded piece of yarn through each hole. 



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