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Santa Claus

(Photo submitted by Nanette)


Felt Pin Santa

Use powder puff for Santa's
 head. Cut Santa's cap, eyes,
 mouth, and nose out  of felt,
and glue onto the powder puff.
Attach a safety pin to the
 back of the powder puff.


Santa Collage

Put a big picture of Santa and
 his sack or sleigh on the bulletin board or wall. Have the children
 cut out magazine pictures of
 toys to go into the sack and
paste onto the picture.


Santa Masks

Make Santa masks from paper
 plates, red paint, and cotton balls.





Santa Arts & Crafts Ideas



Santa Star

Cut out large red stars. (5 point) Have children put the stars with 1 point facing
 up - this will be Santas head. The 2 points of the star that point out to the
 sides are the arms, and the 2 points that point downwards are his legs.
 Let children add face with markers, use cotton for his fur (top of hat,
cuffs of arms and legs) glue black strips across center for his belt.


Santa Place Mats

Have the children color a Santa picture.  Then cut it out and glue
 onto construction paper.  Laminate it for durability so they can
 have their very own Santa place mat to use at meal times.


Santa Hat

Red Construction Paper,
Cotton Balls

Cut out a large triangle out of red construction paper. Glue on the cotton
balls to make a white ball on one of the triangle tips, & glue cotton balls
along the bottom edge to form the brim. You can also cut out two triangles &
tape or staple them together to make a hat to fit the child's head.


Grinch Ornament

Empty Film Container
Thin Ribbon
Cotton Balls (or cotton from pill bottles)
1 1/2 inch or 2 inch green pom-pom
Green Chenille Stem

Paint small rectangles onto the film container so they look like bricks
(optional). Let the paint dry completely.  Cut an 8 - 10 inch piece from the thin ribbon.
 Fold it in hang to form the hanger for the ornament. Glue both ends onto the top,
 inside edge of the film container.  Glue the cotton balls around the top edge
 of the film container. Glue the pom-pom so it is half-in and half-out of the film
 container, this will be the grinch's bottom stuck in the chimney! Cut two
 3-inch pieces from the green chenille stem. Glue them to the green
pom-pom to look like the grinch's legs. Bend the bottom part of
the leg down to form the feet. Hang your ornament on the tree!



Santa Handprint Ornament

Use green paper. Paint fingers white for beard. Paint palm skin color (mix a little orange
 or brown into white until you get the desired skin color). Paint top of hand and thumb
 red for hat. Stamp with thumb out and fingers slightly together, pointing to the
 bottom of the paper. When dry add face and white dot on the end of the hat.
Optional- Laminate, punch a hole at the top and hang on your Christmas tree!


Silly Santas

Let each child have a turn being Santa.  Put a Santa hat on the child's head, then apply shaving cream
 to make a beard.  Be sure to tell them NOT to lick the shaving cream. Take a photo of the child.
  Then have child wash his/her face.  Have each child decorate an ornament shaped card.  Tape the
 child's photo behind the front panel of the card so that his / her face shows through the opening.
 Label the front of the card with the child's name above  the photo and the year below the photo.
 Encourage the child to write his / her own greeting inside the card.



(Photo submitted by Shell)

Santa Face Handprint Ornament

Paint center of palm down to where the fingers start a flesh
 color. Paint from the center up toward the wrist and onto
 the thumb red. Paint the remaining four fingers white.
 Hand print with fingers pointing downward.  Use fingertips to
 decorate the Santa face with black for eyes. White dots at the
base of the red for the hat fuzz and a white dot on tip of the thumb.

Attach the following poem...

When you hang this ornament
From year to year,

I hope it brings you a smile
From ear to ear

This handprint Santa will
Help you to remember,

How small I was in 2010 -
In the month of December


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