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Pipe Cleaner

Use pipe cleaner as thread
and use different colored
 buttons, shape to create a
 wreath, candy cane, star, etc.


Marble Painting

Have children do marble painting
 with variety of ornament shapes
(long, short, fat, skinny, etc.)


Foam Ornaments

Provide children with a variety of
 foam ornament shapes and a
 variety of sparkle (sequins--etc)
 and let children decorate them
 as they would like, hole
 punch the top, add string.


Star Ornaments

Precut star shapes out of heavy
 poster paper, two identical shapes
 for each child. Punch holes around
 the edges and have children "sew"
 their stars together with ribbon or
 yarn. Decorate with sparkle glue
 and glitter. A clothespin glued
 onto the back clips the star
 to the top of a Christmas tree.


Glitter Ornaments

Trace a simple star (or other
design) on paper and tape the
 paper to the table. Lay wax
 paper over top of the star.
Have the children spread glue
 over the outline of the design
 and then sprinkle on the glitter.
Dry overnight and then peel from
the wax paper. Add a ribbon
 to hang on the Christmas Tree.

Card Ornaments

We always make tree ornaments
 from recycled Christmas cards.
 We cut the cards into circle shapes
 (I make a template), then glue
onto throwaway plastic lids... from
 small oleo containers, etc. If the
lids are clear, we glue them under
 the lid, then decorate the front side
 with glitter, ribbon, rickrack, small
 buttons, etc. If the lids have writing
 on them, glue them to the front
 to cover this up and then decorate.


More Christmas
Card Ornaments

We have also cut circles from the
 old cards, punched holes around
the edges, and laced 2 of them together, back to back. Add a yarn
 hanger. We have even glued circles
 from cards to juice can lids,
vegetable can lids, etc. I have
 the kind of can opener that cuts
 the tops off cans, leaving no sharp
 edges. One of their favorite ways
to decorate these ornaments is
to glue cotton balls or pieces
 of fiberfill around the edges.















Ornament Arts & Crafts Ideas



Popsicle Stick & Tongue Depressor Ornaments


(Photo submitted by Mrs. Valerie)

The snowman was made with large tongue depressors. You can make them any way you want.
The reindeer with three popsicle sticks painted brown. The star of David was made with six popsicle
sticks painted with blue glitter paint. The paper ornament is from an advent countdown calendar I found online.


Photo Ornament

Measure and cut a 9- by 4-inch piece of card stock and fold it in half. Starting at the fold,
draw a simple ornament shape, tracing around the jar lid to create the round portion.
Cut out the ornament, going through both layers but leaving the fold intact. Open up the
 cutout and lay a 9-inch length of string or cording across the crease. Apply glue to the paper
 just below it, refold the paper, and tie the string ends together to form a hanging loop.
Cut a square from the shiny paper to fold over the top of the ornament, using craft scissors
 for decorative edges, if you like. Stick it in place with glue dots. Decorate the outside
 with glitter glue or stickers, then glue a photo, trimmed to fit, inside the card.


Star Ornament

Cut out 2 star ornaments (or any shape you choose) from card stock.  
Punch holes around the edges and have the children  "sew" their stars together
 with ribbon or yarn.  Decorate with sparkle glue and glitter, buttons, foam stickers,
pom poms (get creative). Attach a ribbon or yarn to the top or glue a
clothespin on the back to use the star as a tree topper.  

Optional:  Cut a hole in the middle of the above ornament  to place the child's picture in it 


Snowman Ball Ornament

Paint a child's hand with white acrylic paint and place a blue ornament in their palm. 
 Have child close hand around ball and press fingers against it.  Open hand slowly and
lift up ball.  When dry, add features to turn each finger into a snowman.  Date the
 ornament and give to the parents for Christmas.  We do these every year and the parents
 who have been here a few years talk about how great it is to see how much their little
hands grew over the year and I have even had some parents whose children moved on
to big kid school write me years later telling me how much they still enjoy those ornaments. 


Grinch Ornament

Empty Film Container
Thin Ribbon
Cotton Balls (or cotton from pill bottles)
1 1/2 inch or 2 inch green pom-pom
Green Chenille Stem

Paint small rectangles onto the film container so they look like bricks (optional).
Let the paint dry completely.  Cut an 8 - 10 inch piece from the thin ribbon.
 Fold it in hang to form the hanger for the ornament. Glue both ends onto the top,
 inside edge of the film container.  Glue the cotton balls around the top edge
 of the film container. Glue the pom-pom so it is half-in and half-out of the film
 container, this will be the Grinch's bottom stuck in the chimney! Cut two
 3-inch pieces from the green chenille stem. Glue them to the green
pom-pom to look like the Grinch's legs. Bend the bottom part of
the leg down to form the feet. Hang your ornament on the tree!


Mice Ornament

Remove the tags from two Hershey's Kisses. Cut out mouse ears from pink felt, about 3/8-inch high.
 Using double-sided carpet tape, affix the bottoms of the ears to the flat side of one of the Kisses.
Tape an 8-inch loop of fishing line behind the ears to form a hanger. With more double-sided
carpet tape, join together the two flat sides of the Hershey's Kisses, with the mouse ears and
 fishing line loop pointing up. Add a pair of self-adhesive googly eyes.
Slip a tail -- a 4-inch piece of curling ribbon -- under the foil.


Sugar Cone Ornament

Materials Needed:
Paper cup (15 oz works well)
sugar cone (the real edible ones)
colored tissue paper
white Elmer's type glue
2 1/2" foam ball
ribbon for hanging ornament

They cut out the bottom of the paper cup to use as a stand for the sugar cone.  Cut tissue paper
 into squares in a size you like. Mix a water/glue mix in a pan or pie plate. Have kids roll the foam
 ball in the glue mix. The tissues paper squares are put all over this ball. Before that dries - have them
sprinkle glitter all over (like the candy sprinkles on a cone). Let that dry. They apply glue thickly at the
 inside rim of the cone and set foam ball down in cone. They tied a cute ribbon in a bow and glued that
 to the front outside rim of the cone and then cut a piece and attached to the back top of the foam ball to
 hang it on the tree. You could use a stick pin to attach this ribbon to hang it by. VERY cute cone ornament.
 I have no clue how the sugar cone will keep and if it gets icky after the first month or if it will get icky in
 your ornament box over the years.. you'll just have to see.


Foam Ball Ornament

Materials Needed:
Foam balls - size your choice
eye hook (like the hook and eye on a door - but you only need the eye - small
enough to put ribbon through to hang it ball by)

Apply glue to foam ball as you like. Water glue mixture - or simply glue only. Pour
glitter all over glue. When dry - push the eye down in the top of the ornament. Tie
 a bow from the ribbon to tie on the eye and then  another ribbon as a hanger.


Noodle Ornaments

I dyed noodles (the big round ones with an pen tunnel - rigatoni maybe?) with green and
red food coloring and rubbing alcohol. I also painted some with glittery paint, and spray painted
 some with gold spray paint.  We threaded these onto string, and they loved that! I secured
 the end by tying on the first noodle, and them let go to town with about 2' of string.


Foil Ornaments

Every child brings a toilet paper roll. Give each child a square of aluminum foil to wrap around the roll
 (glue is not needed). Have them stick the ends of the foil in the roll. Then put dots of tack glue on each roll
 and give the children some colored pasta. The children can glue their chosen colored noodles on their glue spots.
 Then give them each a piece of ribbon or yard to put through the roll holl. Tie and shazam a homemade ornament.


Christmas Miniatures

Save the clear plastic "blister" pieces from things you buy. Cut around them, cutting off and
 discarding the cardboard. Using the clear plastic piece as a template, trace around it onto
 cardstock or a Christmas card. Find little things that will fit inside this plastic...cotton for
 snow, a small bell, Christmas confetti, a very small reindeer or Santa or such, etc. Put
 them inside the plastic piece and glue on the back you have cut. Punch a hole at the top
 and add a yarn piece for hanging. Yes, these things will move around
 inside the plastic piece, but that makes them fun for the kids.




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