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Gifts Arts & Crafts Ideas


Designing Wrapping Paper

Let the children design their own wrapping paper using newsprint, ink stampers,
felt tip colored markers, tempera paint, etc. Glitter can also be glued onto the paper.


Photo Frame Gift

Glue four craft sticks together to make a frame. Leave an opening in the center a bit smaller  than
 your photograph.  Decorate the front of the picture frame in any way you like... crayons,  glitter,
 foam stickers, tempera paint, colored noodles, markers,  etc.  Paste a picture inside the frame.


Snowman Rug

Here is a great Christmas present for the parents.
Get donated carpet squares from places around town and paint the children's feet white and put
 them onto the middle of the rug. Use puffy paints to make them into snowmen and write...
Let it snow onto the rug and finally add the child's name and date to the rug.


Handprint Gift

For one of our parent gifts we take blue poster board (sometimes I get it from Hobby Lobby)
 and cut three smaller posters from each sheet (11X9..I believe). I take a copy of the poem below
and use the fancy scissors to cut the edges and glue to the middle of the poster. Then, the child's
 picture is placed above the poem and the child writes their first name under the poem and then
 the year under their name. A blob of white paint is put in the palm of one of their hands and they
 rub both hands together. I help them place their hands on the sides of the poem making their
 handprints. When dry we laminate them and place inside an envelope made out of two large
white sheets of construction paper that are stapled together. They use markers to write:

To: Mom and Dad
Love, __________

They use Christmas stamps and red, green and blue ink to decorate the envelope.

Click below for a printout of the poem.


Sometime you get discouraged
Because I am so small.
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.

But every day Iím growing-
Iíll be grown up someday.
And all those tiny handprints
Will surely fade away.

So, hereís a final handprint
Just so you can recall.
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.

Click HERE for pdf - Color only

Canning Jar Candle Holder

We used quart size canning jars to make candle holders.
The children decorated them with stickers and foamy pieces.


Wooden Candle Holders

We also made wooden candle holders. We had a parent cut tree trunks and drilled holes in the
 middle for taper candles. The children then used a variety of materials such as glitter, pom poms,
Christmas confetti, foamy pieces to decorate them for their parents.


Gift Bag

We had brown bags donated from a local grocery store. We
 used cookie cutters to dip into paint and decorate their bags.





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