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Christmas Tree

Trace a tree pattern and cut it out.
 Decorate it with sequins and glitter.
 Put a yellow star on top.


Fingerprint Tree

Encourage the children to cut
 out their own tree from green construction paper or make
 one for them. Then let them
 use a non-toxic stamp pad
 to put fingerprints (Christmas
 Ornaments and lights) on the tree.


Pine Cone
 Christmas Tree

Paint pinecones with green
tempera paint, sprinkle with
glitter, and allow paint to dry. 
The glittery pinecone Christmas
 trees can be used for classroom
 decoration, presents, or taken home.


Triangle Tree

This is a very simple tree idea that I
 tweaked from one of the teachers.
 Precut 3 triangles
(small. medium, and large).
Have the students start with the
 large triangle and glue it to the
 paper. Glue the medium triangle
 on top of the tip of the LARGE one.
 Lastly, glue the small triangle on
 top of the tip of the medium on.
 With supervision, use glitter
 to decorate the tree




Christmas Tree Arts & Crafts Ideas



Christmas Trees

Cut out Christmas trees from green construction paper. Hole punch the top of
 the tree and insert a pipe cleaner to hang if you wish. Have the children decorate
 the tree with pieces of yarn, glitter, and fruit loops. Be sure to decorate both sides.


Make Green Trees

For each child, draw a line from the outer edge of a large paper plate to the center.
Have each child cut along the marked line on the paper plate. Have each child
paint the back of the plate green. When the paint dries, help each child curve
the plate into a cone and secure with tape. Decorate the tree with sticky
stars, coding dots, or glue on crumpled pieces of art tissue paper.  Encourage
 the children to name the colors they use as they decorate the trees.


Gold Macaroni Tree

Cut Christmas trees out of heavy cardboard. I made a triangle shape with a trunk and a rectangle
 base on the bottom. Punch a small hole in the top and lace with a ribbon or string. Place them on
 wax paper for the project. Students glue different shaped macaroni onto trees in a pattern of their
   choice. It takes lots of glue and then time to dry. When dry, spray paint them with gold paint.


Handprint Christmas Tree

Materials Needed:
handprints cut out of green paper
or green paint that the children can press their hands onto,
yellow star,
ten red hearts small enough to fit on the hand print.

Glue or place one handprint at the top of the page and with the fingers pointing down.
This is the top of the tree. Use the rest of the handprints fanning out to make a
Christmas tree.  In the star write I love...then in each heart let the kids pick special
people...mommy, daddy, friends, grandparents, pets, dolls, etc.


Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft

Materials Needed:
Green pipe cleaners,
Red beads,
star button,

String red beads on a pipe cleaner about one inch apart. When all the beads are in place bend
 the pipe cleaner in the form of a tree as pictured. String a star button on to the top and bend
 the pipe cleaner end down to secure it. Use a short piece of wire to hang the three. Secure the
 wire by bending it around the button back. If you donít want to use buttons, glue star gems to the top.


Egg Carton Tree

Materials Needed:
Two egg cartons,
large piece of paper,
misc. craft items - such as fabric scraps, beads, etc.

Cup the egg cartons so you have one row of 6 cups, one row of 5 cups, and so on to 1 cup.
Paint the outside of the egg cup green. When the paint is dry, glue them on a large sheet
of paper as follows: Glue the 6 cup row on the bottom of the paper, just above that glue the 5 cup
 row, and so on until you have used all the cups. It should look like a triangle when you are done.
 Decorate with misc. craft items.


Christmas Tree Mobile

Materials Needed:
Green Construction Paper
Misc. Craft Items - such as fabric scraps, beads, etc.

Cut a large Christmas tree shape -triangle- out of green construction paper. Cut the triangle into
 one inch wide strips. Lay down the strips in the order you cut them out, with the strips laying
 about an inch apart. Tape a long piece of yarn onto the back of the strips. Use a scrap of brown
 construction paper to cut out a pot and tape it below the tree; cut off any excess yarn
 hanging below the pot. Decorate the tree as desired.


Construction Paper Christmas Tree

Get a Christmas tree shape and glue to a piece of construction paper.
Use glitter or any other shiny materials as the bulbs. Tear pieces of icicles and glue
 those to the tree. Get a picture of a star or angel and add it to the tree as finishing touches.


Hole-punched Christmas Trees

Materials Needed:
1/2 sheets of 9X12" black construction paper;
small pieces of assorted colors of tissue paper,
hole punchers,
yellow construction paper (star).

Fold black paper in half lengthwise. Cut along open edge to resemble one side of a Christmas tree.
 Leave paper tree folded in half and punch numerous holes all over tree. Unfold tree. On one side,
 glue assorted colors of tissue paper over holes. Turn tree over. Finish decorating with
 glue and glitter to make garland scallops. Add a yellow construction paper star on top






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