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Candy Cane Fine Motor Skills



Peppermint Play Dough

Play with red and white peppermint scented play dough. Encourage the children to make
 whatever they want and show them how to twist the play dough to make candy canes.


2 cups flour
1 Cup Salt
2 Teaspoons alum
1 Tablespoon peppermint extract
1 Cup water
Red Food Coloring


Mix 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 2 tsp. of alum in a bowl. 
Add 1 Tbsp. of peppermint extract to 1 cup of water and slowly
 stir into dry ingredients.  Knead until smooth.  Add 6-10 drops
 of red food coloring.  Knead lightly for 1 minute.  Remind the
 children that this dough is not edible.  Air-dry for approx. 48 hours
 or bake on foil-lined cookie sheets at 200 degrees for 1-2 hours.
 This dough will retain its smell even after is has dried.


Marble Painting

(Photo submitted by Tiffanie S.)

Cut out a candy cane shape from white paper.  Working with one child at a time,
 place the candy cane cutout in a box.  Add Peppermint oil to red tempera paint for a real
 candy cane smell.  Put a bit of the peppermint scented paint in each corner of the box.
  Then drop in a marble.  Have the child tilt the box back and forth to make the marble roll through
 the paint and over the candy cane cutout.  Once done, the candy cane should have stripes.


Beaded Candy Cane

Have children string red and white pony beads onto a pipe cleaner.  Twist
 one end first and then the other when they are done.  Shape into a candy cane.
This is a great activity when teaching AB pattern.


Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

This is an easy craft for young ones.

Red pipe cleaners
White pipe cleaners

Give each child one white and one red pipe cleaner. Have them wrap the white
 pipe cleaner around the red one. Bend one end of the combined pipe cleaner into a
U shape and it's done.  A simple candy cane that can be hung on the Christmas tree.


Candy Cane Sensory Bin

Color popcorn in red and green (die them with alcohol ), buy the mini candy canes,
 leave them in the packages but place them in the popcorn, creating a sensory bin.


Candy Canes and Lace

Cut a 12 inch length of lace and weave the candy cane through its holes. Then
 finish by taping the ends of the lace to the candy cane to hold the lace in place.

Missing Stripes

Add peppermint extract to a batch of red play dough. 
Make several white candy cane cutouts.  Have the
 children roll the play dough into ropelike shapes.  Then
place the play dough on a cutout to make scented stripes.


Candy Cane Ornaments

Bend one end of a six inch length of white pipe cleaner.  Then alternately string red and white
 11 millimeter tribeads onto the free end (you'll need 15 of each color.)  Bend and twist the free
 end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads on; then bend the line of beads into a candy cane shape. 


Christmas Candy Cane Chain

Cut sheets of red and white construction paper into strips.  Demonstrate how to form the links.
  The links can be pasted, taped, or stapled, depending on the developmental level of the children.


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