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Baby Jesus Misc. Ideas & Links


Nativity Theme Center

We kept out the farm theme items and added a pretend stable, manger
 and baby so kids can pretend it is the stable where Jesus was born.


God's Gift Billboards

Create billboards (two pieces of poster board connected by yarn to drape over a child's
 shoulders; set of 8; one letter on each sheet): When placed over children's heads, one side
 will read "God's Gift."  When the children turn around, the second side will read "Jesus!"


Good Behavior

Have a manger and a bail of hay. When one child 'catches' another
 child doing something good that child gets a handful a hay and adds
 it to the manger. When the manger is full, the class gets a special snack.
 (Christmas cookies....)


Birthday Party for Jesus

We have a birthday party for Jesus in my preschool classroom,
 and it's a great way to stay focused on the reason for the season.
 The children help plan and make decorations, a parent usually
 donates a birthday cake (or I do :>) ) and we play party games
 and have activities which focus on the Christmas story. We discuss
 how we were once babies too, and for a bulletin board we all bring
 in a baby picture (yes, even me). Jesus in the manger is in the center,
 and the title is "I WAS A BABY LIKE BABY JESUS". This leads to
 some wonderful discussions on how Jesus is God's Son and was "real"
 like all of us. We use pictures on the flannel board (I use a Mary Manz
 Simon book) to put the story in order, match pictures of angels, the star,
 shepherds, sheep, etc. in a memory game I made using clip art, and of
 course we sing the birthday song. It's a great way to end
 the week before Christmas vacation.


Ask Questions

Ask questions like: Since the wise men were going to see a king,
 what do you think they expected to see? I wonder what it was like for the
 wise men to see the baby Jesus in the stable. What gift can you offer Jesus?


Look It Up

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.
 And they came into the house and saw the Child with Mary His mother;
 and they fell down and worshipped Him; and opening their treasures
 they presented to Him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh
(Matt. 2:10-11; NASB).


Get Ready

If your child has glow-in-the-dark stars, use one star for each
 family member and one larger one. If you donít have stars,
make your own out of stiff yellow paper or cardboard.


Talk It Over

WEEK 1: The Preparation
Place the large star in the center of your table. Talk about how God
 prepared the world for the birth of Jesus. You can also read from
Luke 1:5-80 or Luke 2:1-20. Talk together about what helps each
 of you prepare to celebrate Christís birth. Attach the large star to
 the ceiling of your family room with poster putty. Each week, youíll
 move the star toward "Bethlehem." Bethlehem could be a Nativity
 scene or a picture of the baby Jesus on the wall. End by asking God
 to help your family focus on him during the holiday season.

WEEK 2: The Star
If weather permits, do this weekís devotion outside in the evening.
 Look at the stars in the night sky. Talk about the "stars" in your lives
 that help you follow Godís path. How can you be shining stars that
 point other people to Christ? Hand out the individual stars to each person.
 Use the stars to remind yourselves to shine brightly for God this week.
 Now head back inside and move the big star in your family room a
 little closer to "Bethlehem." End your time by thanking
 God for shining his eternal light on your family.

WEEK 3: The Kings
Think about the last trip you took together as a family.
 Talk about the things that made the trip exciting. Now think
 about the journey of the Magi. Why was their trip exciting?
 Why would they travel so far to see the new King? Now think
 about your familyís journey toward Christ. If you like, let each
 person talk about how he or she came to know Christ. Or talk
 about the ways your family is seeking Christ together. Move your
 star toward "Bethlehem," then thank God for guiding your family.

WEEK 4: Your Heart
Talk about Christmastime. What are some of the things your family
 will be doing to celebrate Christmas? How will you prepare for all these
 activities? What are some ways Mary and Joseph prepared for
 Christís birth? How can each of you prepare your hearts to welcome
 Christ this Christmas? Move your star to "Bethlehem," then ask
 God to prepare your hearts for the celebration of Jesusí birth.




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