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Baby Jesus Arts & Crafts Ideas



Sharing God's Special Gift Of Love

Materials needed:
Wrapping paper
Glue sticks
Picture of Baby Jesus
Colors (optional)

Xerox the picture of Baby Jesus so each child can have 3-4 copies.  Cut the wrapping
paper into 9 by 12 pieces.  Cut the ribbon into 8" pieces. Talk about how many
 special gifts God has given us.  Nature, families, good times etc.  The most
 special gift of all was Jesus, His Son.  Some people don't know about God's
 best gift to them. This activity is a fun way to help children want to share the
 news about God's gift with others. Give each child several copies of the Baby
Jesus picture.  Color them if needed.  Apply glue stick to the back of each
 picture. Lay the picture face up on a square of wrapping paper.  Roll the
 wrapping paper up with the picture inside and tie closed with a strand of
 ribbon.  Encourage the children to share the rolled gifts with others.


We Three Kings

For each child you will need: 3 Toilet Paper Tubes 3 6" squares of metallic
 fabric 3 metallic pipe cleaners 3 pieces of paper, or paint to cover tp rolls 3
 oval 'faces' (children add features) glue 3 Dove Christmas candy wrappers

For each King: First cover the tp roll with either contact paper, regular construction
 paper, or paint it & let dry. Next, cover one end with the fabric, so one side hangs
 down longer than the other. Wrap the pipe cleaner around for a band that holds on
 the king's head piece (actually looks more like what a Shepard would wear!). Have
 child draw on the features on the oval, then glue it on. Lastly, trim the candy
 wrapper so that you've got the shiny 'present' left, and not the crinkled edges.



Away In A Manger

Materials Needed:
Paper plate,
wet wipes,
pretzel sticks,
Spanish moss,
Circus peanuts

Have children take two pretzel sticks and glue them to the paper plate to
 make an "X"for the legs of the manger. Have the children glue Spanish moss
 above the pretzel sticks to represent the hay. Have the children glue a Circus
 peanut so that it lays on the hay to represent the baby Jesus lying in the manger.


Nativity Scene

Cut out pictures of Mary and Joseph. Have children glue them onto a stable picture.
 Also, cut out pictures of Jesus in a manger and let children glue onto the scene.
 You can expand this by also adding the 3 wise men, or shepherds, etc.


The Holy Night

Let children draw a picture of the Holy night -- our first Christmas
 using chalk. Dip the chalk in sugar water for brighter colors!


Clay Nativity

The Clay Nativity is a simple and easy-to-make craft for a broad age range. You'll need:
 3 mini clay pots (2"), 3 large wooden beads, straw or moss, a gold ring of ribbon,
 strips of fabric, and tacky glue. Turn two pots upside down and glue a bead on top
 of each one, (representing Mary and Joseph). Place one of the fabric strips over Mary's
 head, the other around Joseph's shoulders. Place straw into the third pot,
 (represents the manger). Place the third bead (represents Jesus' head) into
 the straw, then place the gold ribbon around the head of Jesus like a crown.


Nativity Scene

We made a nativity scene.
There is a template for one at


You can have the kids make their own stable by gluing popsicle sticks onto paper in the shape
 of a stable and then put Mary, Joseph and the baby under it and add a star sticker above it.



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