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Camping Language Ideas



Talk about camping by asking questions as...

Where did you sleep?
Where did you eat?
What did you eat?
How did you fix your food?
Where was the bathroom?
Did you see any animals?  What kind?


Fun Around the Campfire

Lower the lights or turn them off if it's not too dark, sit around
 the campfire (pretend) and tell stories and sing camping songs.


Circle Time Questions

Ask children to think of reasons why people like to camp
Where do people camp? In the city? In the ocean?
Who has gone camping before? What did you bring?
What do you do when you go camping?
Where do you sleep?
What did you eat?
Where did you eat?
 How did you fix your food?
Where was the bathroom?
Did you see any animals? What kind?


Fire Safety

When introducing the campfire, review fire safety.


Camp Safety

Talk about not picking plants you do not recognize or approach wild animals.
 Also, discuss the following topics:
Always put out the fire before going to sleep or leaving the campsite
Swim in safe areas and with a parent
When walking or hiking away from your campsite, always have an adult with you
Always wear a life jacket in the boat


Night Sounds Discussion

Talk about night sounds (owls, crickets, frogs…)


Camping Supplies List

Have the kids compile a list of what you need to pack to go camping.
Remember, tent camping does not always have access to electricity.


Camping Weather

When you do your weather chart, ask the children,
ould today be a good day to go camping?"


I want to go camping because...

Have the children finish the sentence.
Record their answers and post around the room.


Identifying Camping Items

Bring a backpack filled with camping items, such as a pocketknife, compass,
skillet, and sunglasses. Identify the items and discuss their purpose.
 Identify the articles of clothing needed for a summer camping
trip.  What foods should we take? How about soap,
 toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, sleeping bags?


Pack the Backpack

Bring into the classroom a large backpack.  Also have many camping items available,
 such as sweatshirts, flashlights, lanterns, foods, raincoats, etc.  The teacher gives the children
 instructions that they are going to pretend to go on a hike.  What is the one thing they will need
 to bring along?  Why?  Continue until all the children have had a chance to contribute.


Camping Graph Book

Make a camping graph book from any camping
 question, or collect all your graphs into one book!

What's your favorite forest animal?
Have you ever been in a boat?
Which do you like better, hamburgers or hotdogs?
Have you ever seen the Big Dipper?
Have you ever gone fishing?
Have you ever gone on a hike?
Do you like picnics?
What color is your backpack?


Camping Discussion & Game

Show the children pictures of camp sites and different types of
camping gear ( canteen, mess kit, first aid kit, back pack, sleeping bag,
flashlight, toilet paper, compass, tent, lantern)

What to do...
show the pictures of people camping and talk about what camping is like. Ask
any children who have camped to tell other children about it.

show the children the items of camping gear and talk
about what each is used for at the camp site.

place small items of camping gear in a large bag and ask the children to feel and describe
 one item. The child guesses the name of the camping gear, shows the other children
 the item and passes it around to the other children so everyone can examine it.
Continue the guessing game with other camping gear in the bag.




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