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Butterfly Arts & Crafts Ideas


Red, White, & Blue Butterfly

Paint one foot blue. Stamp one on a piece of white paper.  Trace hand prints on red
 card stock. Cut out.  Glue hand prints on side of foot. Use a white pipe cleaner and fold
 in half.  Curl ends. Glue to top of foot.  There is your RED WHITE AND BLUE butterfly.


 Symmetrical Paint Butterfly

Materials Needed:
Construction paper
glue, paint, white paper
scissors and a marker

Put a small amount of different colored paint on sheet of white paper. Fold in half and
 smooth out by gently rubbing hand over paper..... flip paper over and rub the other side.
 Open paper and place a sheet of paper towel over paint and gently press with hands to
 help get rid of extra paint. With paper towel still on top of paper flip over and apply glue
 around the edges.  Put on a sheet of construction paper... remove paper towel. Cut a
 body out of yellow construction paper and glue on. Cut a pair of black strips and fold in
 accordion style. Put glue on bottom part of black strips and stick under butterfly head.


Coffee Filter Butterflies

Color small bowls of water with food coloring. Using an eye dropper scatter drops
 of colored water on a round coffee filter and watch the colors bleed and blend.
 While the filter dries, draw eyes and body details on a wooden clothes pin.
 Gather each coffee filter up in the center and clip with a clothespin. Make
 antennae for each butterfly by inserting a pipe cleaner into the end of the clothes
 pin and twisting it secure. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner. (Variations: Use
 tissue paper in a multi-layered effect. Decorate the body with sequins, glitter,
 buttons, etc. Make caterpillars from green pompoms glued to a large
 real or paper leaf (with a bite taken out) for a before and after exhibit.


Tissue Paper Butterfly Wings

Make these beautiful butterfly wings and encourage you youngsters to
 use them as they play act what might have happened after the very
 hungry caterpillar turned into a butterfly. For each pair of wings, you'll
 need a large sheet of colorful tissue paper. Pinch the tissue paper
 together in the middle and secure it with a spring type clothespin.
 When a child is ready to use the wings, you simply clip the
 wings onto the back of his shirt. Fly away, little butterfly!


Beautiful Butterflies

Draw butterflies on white paper. Paint water onto them.
 Lay down 1" squares of colored tissue paper, onto the wet paper.
 Leave a few seconds. Remove the tissue when it has colored the paper.


Egg Carton Caterpillars

Materials Needed:
white craft glue
cardboard egg carton (cut lengthwise)
shirt cardboard
pipe cleaner
poster paint or markers

Cut off the lid of the egg carton. Cut carton cups in half lengthwise.
 Cut the shirt cardboard into s strips - long enough to stick out from
 under the carton on both sides for legs. Turn the carton over and glue
 the cardboard strips across the underside of each cup. Poke two
 short pieces of pipe cleaner into top of the first cup for antennae.
 Paint the caterpillar with poster paints or color with markers.


Butterfly Hunt

Make butterfly nets using cardboard and citrus fruit bags. Make butterflies from rectangle
 of tissue paper twisted in the center. Throw them into the air and catch them with your net.


Butterfly Bracelet

Use one white bead to be the egg,  four green beads for the caterpillar,
 one oval or sparkle bead for the chrysalis, one butterfly shaped bead for the butterfly.
 Lace them on a pipe cleaner or Chenille stem and make into a life cycle bracelet.


Baggy Butterflies

Have each child fill a resealable plastic bag with colorful pieces of tissue paper.
  Bend a pipe cleaner in half around the middle of the bag.  Then
 twist the pipe cleaner to create the butterfly's antennae and body. 


Caterpillar/Butterfly Craft Ideas

We create our own bookmarks using gummed paper circles in the shape of the caterpillar.
 We add features with markers and then use them to mark our favorite pages in a book. In
 the spring, we revisit the book and make a caterpillar using tissue paper and glue on paper
 to create a wall hanging for each child’s room. The final project is making a butterfly using
 a coffee filter, colored markers, and a clothespin. We draw on the filter with many colors
 and add drops of water. Once dry, we fold the filter to make wings and tuck it inside the
 clothespin. We add paper antennae and a magnet so the children can hang
 the butterflies on their refrigerators at home.


Footprint Butterflies

Cut a pair of footprints from one color of paper or step in paint
 and onto white paper. Cut out. Do another set of another color.
 Glue together, overlapping heels slightly to make butterfly
 wings. Draw a body to put between the wings.
 Glue all together with added eyes & antennae.


Con-Tact Paper Butterfly

Cut wings from clear contact paper. On one layer of contact paper, put tissue
 paper scraps. Cover with another layer of contact paper. Add pipe cleaner antennae.


Stained Glass Butterfly

Glue pieces of colored paper onto a sheet of white paper, covering in.
 Ahead of time cut out the outline of a butterfly from black paper
 (this would be too difficult for children to do). Glue the body silhouette
 onto the paper which has been covered with many colors. Cut out
 around the edges. This gives you the look of a stained glass butterfly.


Butterfly Stick Puppet

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper, Wrapping Paper, or Wallpaper Scraps
Popsicle Sticks or Straws
Stapler or Tape

Fold paper in half. Cut out butterfly wings, add about an extra in where the
 body would be (on the fold). Be sure you don't cut the fold! Color as
 desired and glue a popsicle stick where the body would be.


Butterfly Prints

Have the children remove their shoes and socks.  Allow one child
 at a time to dip a foot into paint (Any color) and step down into the
 middle of a large piece of paper.  Have the child step into a tub of
 water to rinse his foot. Then have the child paint their hand by brush,
 using maybe one color for two fingers, one color for the palm etc.
  Just to receive colorful wings.  Have the child make a set of hand
 prints on each side of the footprint.  Have the child then wash and dry
 hands. When the paint is dry cut around the prints by an inch or two in the outline
 of a butterfly. For finishing touches add wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae.





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