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Bunny Arts & Crafts Ideas


Paper Plate Rabbits

Make bunny rabbits from paper plates.  Have each child attach a small paper plate to a large paper
 plate to create the rabbit's body.  Have the child tear two long strips of white construction paper and attach
 them to the top of the small paper plate to make the rabbit's ears.  Offer crayons, markers, glue, and
 cotton balls and encourage the children to use their creativity as they decorate their bunny rabbits.


Foot Bunnies

Trace the outline of each child's  foot with the shoe on. Cut out 2 long ears from pink
 construction paper. Glue the ear shapes on the the heel part. Glue a cotton ball on
 the toe part and decorate with felt, markers, paint, and even pipe cleaners for whiskers.


Bunny Ears

Trace large bunny ears out of pink construction paper.
  Let the children cut them out and attach to a band to fit child's head.


Bunny Card

Fold a piece of card in ˝ and open out again. You can now see the fold line.
 Draw a picture of a bunny on both parts of the card - the neck of the bunny
 should be on the fold. Make sure the ears are at least 1cm from the top edge
. Cut round the head carefully - possibly best with a craft knife . Press the
 head out then fold the top ˝ backwards along the line so that the card stands up.


Lollipop Easter Bunny Card

Fold a piece of card in ˝ . Draw a rabbit on the front and color in. Stick on buttons or felt for eyes.
 Make 2 slits between rabbits paws and thread lolly stick through the slits. Write message inside.


Rabbit Mask

Materials Needed:
Paper plates, Cardboard, Cotton balls,
Pink or black paper (for nose and ears)

Cut out oval shapes from the cardboard for your bunny's
ears. Next cut out the nose from the colored paper. You
can also cut triangles of pink paper to make the inside of
the bunny's ear. Cut two holes in the paper plate for eyes.
Then paste on the ears, eyes and nose. Paste cotton
balls all over the face to make the bunny look soft.


Bunny Basket

Materials Needed:
2 Lt. Pop Bottle, Felt, Wiggly Eyes, Glue, Pom-pom or cotton ball

Take a clear 2-lt. pop bottle take off the bottom support if there is one. Cut the bottle in half so you remove
 the opening. Next cut down on the bottle till there is about 3-4" left which will be the body. Move left or right
 about 4-5"and cut down the same distance. Remove this section that is loose. Go to the opposite side and
diagonally cut two pointed ears (don't cut them    off).Cut out pink felt and glue on to the plastic ears.
 Glue on eyes (wiggle or paper); pink triangle felt nose (or paper) with little strips of white paper to
 resemble whiskers. Don't forget the cotton ball or white pompom for the tail! Fill with Easter grass.

Make Easter baskets out of empty and cleaned pint milk carton or plastic gallon
 milk jugs.  Use cotton balls to decorate.  Attach ears out of pink
 construction paper.  Facial features can be cut from construction paper.


Make The White Rabbit

Challenge the kids to make the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. You can give them:
 white balloons (4 long and 2 round), sticky tape, string, scissors, felt pens, crepe paper,
 cotton wool and card. See if they remember themselves that he has a stopwatch and a waistcoat.


Carrot Painting

Cut several carrots lengthwise and several crosswise for children to use as “stamps” on paper.


Ping-Pong Finger Puppet Bunny

Draw a circle on your ping pong ball large enough to put your finger through.
 Carefully make a small hole in the middle of this circle so that it fits your finger.
 Cut out two ear shapes which should be 1cm wide at the bottom. With a paper knife
 cut two 1cm slits in top of ball and insert ears. Draw in rabbits face with felt-pens.
 Make whiskers by threading 3 or 4 lengths of waxed thread through each side
 of the nose. Use a small ball of cotton wool for the tail at the back.


Bag Bunny

Fill a paper bag with crumpled paper. Pull another bag of the same size over the top of the filled bag.
 Tie the bags together with string, making sure to leave enough on top for the bunny's head.
 The tied area is the neck. Cut ears and feet from cardboard, cover with colored construction paper and
 glue into place. Paint the bunny. Add paper eyes and mouth, maybe a yarn tie and a cute little cotton tail.




Peter Cotton Tail

Encourage the children to paint a bunny.
  Then glue on a cotton ball for the bunny's tail.


Peter Cotton Tail Painting

Set out a variety of pastel colored paints and
 cotton balls for the children to paint a bunny.
  When finished, the can glue cotton ball on bunny for tail.


Cotton Ball Bunny

Cover a cardboard bunny shape with cotton balls and glue. Then add
construction paper pink ears. Glue on 2 buttons for eyes. Product: a fuzzy
cotton ball bunny. Though no two will look exactly alike, and some may even
have unique additions like ribbon or paint, they are all bunnies using the
same basic directions and materials. The expectation is to make a bunny.


Cotton Ball Gluing

Provide cotton balls, glue, buttons, cardboard or other materials on hand.
Child combines his choice of materials. Might make a bunny, a collage,
 or something no one thought of before. The expectation is
to create using specific materials, with no planned outcome.


Bunny Balloons

We make bunny balloons by cutting out 2 long pink ears, and a large oval for the feet.
  We blow up a balloon and tie it.  Then we poke a small hole into the center of the oval.
  Put the knotted end into the hole and tape it on the underside.  You can draw little
 toes on the oval to make it look more like feet.  Then tape the ears onto the
 balloon and draw on a face with perm. markers.  These turn out really cute.


Giant Painted Bunny

Take white poster board and cut into two large oval shapes and then cut 2 ears, 4 paws and a tail.
 Take each piece and have the children finger paint each piece whatever color than choose.
 Then when dry have the children paste felt eyes, nose, mouth and pipe cleaner whiskers on.
 Then assembling by gluing or pasting all the bunny together. May be a 2 day project.
 Also cut to smaller ear pieces out of felt for the middle of the ears and paste.
 Then do a large oval felt piece for the tummy. For the tail Use a large pom pom.


Bunny Candy Jars

Cut off bottom of Styrofoam ball so it will stand. Glue the flat edge on to lid of baby food jar
 (a glue gun works best for this part). Bend 2 white pipe cleaners for ears. Fill in center with
 a pink pipe cleaner. Push pipe cleaners into ball for bunny's ears. Glue on googly eyes,
 pink felt nose, black pipe cleaner for whiskers, bend either a red or pink pipe cleaner for
 mouth, glue cotton ball to back (for tail). Fill jar with jelly beans, chocolate eggs or other treats.


Bunny Mask I

Materials Needed:
2 paper plates for each child
pink or black paper (for nose)
cotton balls
pipe cleaners

Cut two long thin ovals for ears out of one paper plate.  Cut a small pink or black triangle for the nose.
  With the other plate, cut out the shape two oval eyes (you may wish to do this for younger children
 to assure that they can see out of the mask!)  Glue or staple the ears onto the plate.  Glue cotton
 balls onto the plate and ears for a fluffy bunny!  Glue the pink/black triangle onto the face of the bunny
 for the nose.  Glue on pipe cleaners for whiskers.  Attach string or wool to each
 side of the mask with tape or stapler to tie on the mask.

Tip:  Check out your local dollar store for children's sunglasses.  I pick them up throughout
 the year and keep them for making masks....when the kids are finished their masks.
 I hot glue their mask to a pair of these sunglasses (minus the lenses) and you have
 a mask that they can easily remove and put on!  No tying - no pinches from the snapping elastic!


Bunny Mask II

Materials Needed:
paper plate
pink construction paper
pink and/or white pipe cleaners

Using the paper plate, cut out eyes and nose in the plate. Cut out bunny ears from pink
 paper and glue to the plate. Use pipe cleaners to make whiskers, attach to plate by poking
 through and knotting at back, or glue on. Use yarn to tie to either side of plate to tie on head.


Rabbit Head Bands

Cut out a strap from construction paper long enough to fit around child's head. Cut rabbit ears,
 using white and pink construction paper. Glue or staple onto the strap, and make it into a head band.


Bunnies in the Grass

Materials Needed:
White Paper
Pom-poms or cotton balls

Have dck color a white sheet of paper all green (scribbling is just perfect) that have them glue
 on 10-15 1/2" pom poms or pieces of cotton balls - wa la you now have "Baby Bunnies Hiding in the Grass!!"


Egg Carton Bunny

Have children decorate and attach a bunny face to one end of the bottom half
of an egg carton and a cotton ball tail to the other end.  Next, poke
 a pipe cleaner through the sides of the carton to make a handle. 



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