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Birthday Misc. Ideas & Links


Sidewalk Chalk Birthday Message

Delight the birthday child with a colorful birthday greeting before they even arrive in the classroom.
  On a morning of a child's birthday, us colored chalk to write (and draw) a special birthday message
 on the sidewalk leading to your room or building.  What a wonderful way to start anyone's day.


Birthday Bears

A birthday bear makes youngsters' birthdays "bear-y" special. To make
a birthday bear, attach a felt birthday cake cutout to a teddy bear. Give
each youngster the birthday bear on his birthday to have as a special
companion for the entire day.


Little Things Mean A Lot

In advance, purchase a supply of brightly decorated birthday napkins.
At lunchtime, give one of these napkins to the birthday child. 
You are sure to find that one little napkin can be a young child's treasure.


Birthday Bash

Motivate your children to recite their birthdays by planning a class birthday party.
 When a child has learned to recite his birthday, give him a teacher-made card with
 a birthday candle taped to the inside of the card.  Tell each child to save his candle
 for the birthday party.  When every child has learned his birthday, ask all of the
 children to bring their candles back to school.  (Be sure to keep a few extra candles
 on hand for those who forget or lose their own.)  Provide a decorated cake and have each
 child place his candle in the cake.  Then light the candles, sing "Happy Birthday," and celebrate.


A Gift For Everyone

For each child in your class, purchase a pack of sugarless gum.  Individually wrap each pack
 of gum; then label each of the wrapped packs with a different child's name and birthday. 
Each month, tape the appropriate packs to the corresponding dates on your class calendar
 or above the appropriate month of the year card.  Then, when those special days arrive,
you are prepared to give each child a personalized gift.


Quickie Crowns

This year make birthday crowns from festive bulletin board borders. 
To make a crown, cut a length of border sized to fit around
 a child's head; then staple the ends together. 


A Place of Honor

Children will eagerly await their turn to site in this very special birthday chair. 
Find an old wooden chair at a garage sale.  Sand off the old varnish; then
paint the chair in several bright colors, using stencils for an extra decorative
 touch.  When the paint is dry, brush the entire chair with a coat of varnish.
 When the varnish is dry, you have a place of honor for the birthday person of the day.


Have a Happy Unbirthday Party

Choose a day at the beginning of the year, before anyone has a birthday and plan a party
 for the afternoon. Buy a cake or cupcakes, play party games, and sing happy unbirthday
 to the whole class. Encourage parents not to bring treats through the rest of the year for birthdays.
 Just a simple "happy birthday" to each student will do for the rest of the year.


Fun Birthday Ideas

When the birthday child comes in the morning, he/she gets a birthday STICKER!!

He/She gets to be the leader for the day.

Give him/her a BIRTHDAY CROWN.
These can be purchased or made from bulletin board borders.

Let ALL the teachers know it's HIS/HER SPECIAL day, as well!

Sing the birthday song to him/her.

Purchase the birthday child an inexpensive gift.

Be sure to take a picture of the birthday child to take home with him/her.

IF your school has an intercom system, mention the child's name and
 birthday over the intercom so the ENTIRE school knows by mid morning.

For a language experiences, the student DICTATES how he feels at that moment!





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