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Bears Arts & Crafts Ideas


Footprint Bear 

Put brown paint on child's foot and make a footprint on a piece of paper. With toes
 facing down, have child glue precut black ear shapes on either side of the heel. Then
 glue black nose shape in the arch area. Finally, have the child glue eyes above the nose.


Teddy Bear Sculpture

White tissue paper, glue, and water is all it takes to make this adorable teddy bear.
  Mix one cup of white glue with one cup of water in a small bucket or bowl.
  Let each child wet his/her hands in the mixture and roll a piece of tissue paper into
 a softball sized ball for the bear's body.  Coat the ball lightly with the glue mixture
 to help it keep its rounded shape. Make a medium sized ball for the bear's head,
 four small balls for legs, two smaller balls for ears, and a tiny ball for the nose.
  The balls can then be glued together appropriately. Let the children's sculptures
 dry for a day or two, then let them paint them and add features.


Corduroy's Lost Button

Each child gets a button to glue on paper and draw a picture
 of where he or she thinks Corduroy's lost button is.


Puffy Paint Bears

Cut bear shapes out of brown construction paper. Let the children paint with the puffy
 paint by squeezing the paint out of bottles. The paint will harden in a puffy shape.
Recipe:  Flour - salt - water - Tempera Paint
Mix equal amounts of flour, salt and water. Add liquid tempera paint for color.
 Pour mixture into squeeze bottles.


Teddy Bear Masks

A chance to role-play teddy bears will surely delight each of your youngsters. To make a
 teddy bear mask, cut out the center portion of a paper plate. Draw two half-circles on the
 center portion to represent ears, and then cut on the resulting lines. Staple or glue the ear
 cutouts to the outer rim of the paper plate, and paint the mask. After the paint dries, paint the
 inner portion of each ear pink and glue a craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate. Then,
 using an eyebrow pencil, draw whiskers on each child's face and a triangular shape on
 his nose. Have little ones hold up the masks to their faces for "bear-y" nice teddies!


Coffee Bear

Materials Needed:
Glue, Water, Coffee Grounds, and Construction Paper

Have the children make bears with watered down glue. Then
 sprinkle coffee grounds on them. Now you have great brown bears.


Multicolored Bear

Materials Needed:
Tissue Paper, Cloth Samples, or Construction Paper,
Wiggly Eyes , Poster Board or Construction Paper

Have the kids put the different colored tissue paper (or alternatives) on the bear shaped
 poster board however they want. You'll end up with multicolored interesting animals


Teddy Bear Playdoh

We make brown playdoh from scratch, using brown tempera to colorize.
 The children help make and cook the playdoh.
 Then we use bear cookie cutters and stamps to make teddy bears!


Cookie Cutter Bear Prints

Cookie cutters come in all sizes of teddy bear shapes. Provide the children with an
 assortment of cutters.  Cover  a foam meat tray with a layer of tempera paint.
  Instruct the children to dip the cutter's edge into the paint and print the various shapes on
 plain paper.  Let the children print on plain paper bags that can later be used for holding gifts.


Marshmallow Bear

I make a blackline master of a bear and then run him on paper;
 I then let the children use brown, white, or black paint to paint with.
 They simply dip their marshmallow in paint and press away!!


Button Teddy Bears

Cut out Bear shapes from white construction paper. Have your child paint brown.
 When dry, let them glue on buttons for eyes and the nose.


Coloring Bear Balloons

Blow up brown or white (polar bear) balloons. Have the children use markers to paint
 eyes, nose, and mouth on each balloon to make a bear face. You may want to show
 where the eyes are and then point out how the eyes and mouth are positioned.


Bear Cave

This activity will help illustrate a real bear's need for a lot of sleep in the winter.
  Each child will need a small plastic foam or paper bowl, a medium brown pom pom,
 paint, tissue, and markers.  Have each child tear away or cut a half circle shape from
 the edge of the bowl.  He/She should turn the bowl upside down to represent the cave
 and use paint, markers, or torn tissue to color the cave and add details.  The pom pom
 can be glued inside, at the back of the bowl, to represent the bear tucked in his cave.


Cinnamon Bear

Materials Needed:
Simple bear shape (pre-cut for younger ones)
liquid glue

Mix sugar and cinnamon together. Have older children cut out bear shape
The children can place glue anywhere on the bear and add cinnamon and sugar mixture


Glue sandpaper to tag board and then cut out bear shapes. Give the children cinnamon
 sticks and let them rub the sticks on the sandpaper. The bears will smell like cinnamon!


Circle Bear

Brown and white construction paper
Black marker or crayon

Cut circles of brown construction paper. You will need one large circle for the body,
 two small circles for paws, a medium circle for the head, two half circles for feet,
and two smaller half circles for ears.  Show your child how to glue the circles onto
 white construction paper to form a bear. Your child can use a black marker or
 crayon to draw a face.  You can also cut out small white circles to glue into
 place on the paws, ears, and tummy.



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