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Beach Misc. Ideas & Links


Use Your Noodle

During the summer, swim noodles are everywhere.  Stock up on a few to help keep
 your sand table area spick and span!  Use a sharp knife to carefully cut the noodles
 to match the length and width of your sand table.  Then slice through the
 noodles and attach them to your table.  The noodles will help prevent
 sand from spilling onto the floor.  They will also provide a soft surface
 for little ones to wipe their hands on when finished.  Wait for end of
 summer sales and then stock up on discounted noodles.


Beach Party!

On the last day of your beach theme, have a beach party.
Watch The Little Mermaid movie, then have a "beach party" complete with
beach balls, volleyball (over a short net or no net at all), Frisbee's, etc.
 Let kids wear swim suits, suntan lotion,  & sunglasses, bring beach towels,
 play with beach balls. Set out a small wading pool filled with sand.


Day At the Beach

We brought a golf umbrella, set it in the  sand box, gave all the kids pails and
 shovels, filled a small wading pool  with water and spread a blanket on the ground.


Sand Castle Day

Have a sand castle day!  If you have a sandbox, get it wet so the children can
 build sand castles.  Supply the children with buckets, shovels, and cups.
  If a sandbox is not available, use a large plastic tub or tubs filled with sand.


Beach Music

Play beach music throughout the day!


Beach Towel Day

Let the children bring in a beach blanket during beach week.
They can take naps on them are sit on them during circle time.


Trip to Beach ?

Have someone who is going to the beach bring back a bottle with sand/ocean water
and shells. Bring it out during the beach unit and talk about what the beach looks like.


Beach Walk

If you live near a beach, take your children on a walk along the beach to collect
shells. Talk about the various kinds they find. Also collect other beach
 materials, such as sand, pebbles, dried seaweed and grasses. When you
 return, let your children glue their shells and other beach materials onto plastic-foam food
 trays. Or have them work together to make a beach collage on a large piece of cardboard.


Water Play Day

Out side have water play and sand box play.


Hermit Crab

Buy a hermit crab for a class pet ...the kids love
ours but we don't touch we just watch ,minimal care.


Field Trip

Take the children to a nearby pet store to see tropical fish and crabs.


Made in the Shade

A colorful beach umbrella can brighten any classroom.  Purchase an
 inexpensive beach umbrella.  (Watch for sales toward summer's end.)
 To anchor the umbrella, half fill a sand pail with plaster of paris.
  Prop the umbrella in an upright position in the plaster until it dries.
  Later, fill the rest of the pail with sand and some shells.
  Finally, place the umbrella on a table in a learning center.


Drop It in the Bucket

Hold everything! Why not organize your room with colorful sand
buckets! Watch for sand buckets to go on sale at the end of the
summer season; then stock up. Use paint pens and stickers to
decorate the buckets. Place one on each table or in each center to
store supplies such as crayons, scissors, and glue. Or personalize a
bucket for each child so he'll have a special place for his things. Hang
the buckets on coat hooks or store them in cubbies.


Versatile Toy Scoop

What you need:
2 or more bleach bottles
contact paper or stickers
light, soft balls and or aluminum foil

How to make:
1. thoroughly wash and dry the bottles. Carefully cut each
one to make a scoop. Yarn or seam binding and glue can
be used to cover the cut edge of the scoop.
2. Decorate the scoop with shapes cut from contact paper,
or use stickers

For a ball and scoop game, braid a 2-foot length yarn.
Tie one end to the scoop handle and fasten a ball to
the other end. The longer the string, the harder the task.
For younger or less skilled children, shorten the length until
they can work with it successfully.

Do not leave string on scoops if infants
 or very young toddlers are using them.

What it does:
This scoop toy encourages infants to explore the characteristics of materials.
It provides toddlers with opportunities for imaginative play as well as
enhancing motor development. It encourages older children to play together
and create games while also improving their hand-eye coordination and
large-motor skills. The scoop toy also provides an example of using a
discarded material in many fun and useful ways.




Printable Beach Matching Activity Sheet

Printable Beach Activity Sheet

What Does Grandpa Take To The Beach Online Game





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