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Beach Math Ideas


Shell Sort / Classification

Let the children sort a collection of different types
 of sea shells.  Add shells to the sand table and have
 the children classify the shells that they find according to size.


Shell Fun

Have on hand a wide variety of shells. Let the children sort the shells into group
 by kind, size, texture, etc. Have them count the number of shells in each group.
 Continue by asking the children to find the smallest and largest shell. Then have take
 turns balancing the shells in each hand to see which  is heaviest and which is lightest.


Graphing Shells

Assist the children in graphing different  kinds of shells.


Beach Ball Numbers

Write a different numeral (using a permanent marker) on each section of an inflated ball.
 Toss or roll ball to a child. Have him name & show one of the  numbers & give an activity -
 such as clapping, jumping, etc. for the group  to do. Another idea is to have each
 child name the two numbers closest to his hands. Write them on a board,
 count out the manipulative, decide which is  greater, or add them together.
  (I wrote the activity on the ball under or above the number.)


Beach Ball Numbers II

Take beach balls and write numbers on them and toss them to the kids during
 circle time and have them tell the number to you. You can add dots
 with the numbers for the smaller ones to help them out.


Buried Treasures

Thrill your children with this coin matching activity. Fill your sand table
 with a number of different coins.  Next, prepare a number of coin matching
 cards.  Attach a number of realistic coin stickers onto separate index cards.
  Let the children take turns choosing a card and then dig in sand until
 he/she finds a matching coin for each coin or sticker on his/her card.


Sea Shell Math

Show the children 10 small sea shells.  Ask them to count the shells out loud.
  Then cover the shells so they are not visible or hide them within easy reach.
  As the group sings the first four lines of "Ten Little Sea Shells," bring out one
 shell at a time until all ten sea shells are visible again.  When the group sings
 the last section (counting backwards) of the song, remove one shell
 at a time until only one shell is left.


Ten Little Sea Shells

(Sung to the tune of: "Ten Little Indians")

One little, two little, three little sea shells,
Four little, five little, six little sea shells,
Seven little, eight little, nine little sea shells.
Ten little sea shells by the shore.

Ten little, nine little, eight little sea shells
Seven little, six little, five little sea shells
Four little, three little, two little sea shells
One little sea shell by the shore.


Sea Theme Bead Graphing

Materials Needed:
variety of sea theme bead
 (I purchased them at
--these have seashells and sea creatures
Paper for graphing,
Cups to separate the beads
Pictures that are similar to the sea theme beads
 (I used pictures off of

Cut out the pictures and paste them onto the top of your paper and
 divide the paper with a marker to separate each picture to create  a graph.

Invite the children to grab a handful of sea theme beads and separate them
 according to what they are into different cups. When they are done separating them,
 have them count how many of each item they have and write it on the graph.


Sea Shell Sort and Match

Cut a variety of seashell shapes, colors, and sizes from
 paper. Your children can do various things with these:

*Sort them by color
*Sort them by shape
*Match them by shape
*Match them by color
*Match them by size
*Sequence them from smallest to largest
*Hide them around the room and search for them




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