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Beach Game Ideas


Wave Game

Take a large blue blanket. Stand the children at the edge of the blanket as
two people hold the ends (adults are best).  Tell the children this is a
wave because they do not have swim suits on they don't want to get caught by
the wave and get wet. As you move the wave (blanket) away from them you say
 "The waves are going out" Then you move the blanket back toward the children and say
"The wave is coming in don't get wet." Repeat several times.
   You can also catch a slow child and tell them they are all wet.


Hiding Game

Ask two or three children to make mounds in the sand at the sand table or sandbox.
  Then have the children close their eyes while you hide a small sea shell in one of the
 mounds.  Have the children open their eyes and search in the mounds of sand for the
 shell.  Let the child who finds the shell first hide it the next time.
  Instead of using a sea shell, you can use any type of small toy.

Variation: Use paper cups instead of mounds of sand.


Funnel Race

Collect four funnels of various sizes.  Give each funnel to a different child.
  Have the children hold the funnels over the sand table or sand box
 and pour sand through them for a specified time.  Which funnel made the
 biggest mountain of sand?  Compare the results with the sizes of the funnels.


Sand Pass Game

Have your children sit in a circle in a sandy area...pretending to be at the beach.
  Give each child a different sand toy.  As you play some music, let the children
 play with their sand toys.  When the music stops, have the children pass
 their toys to the right so that each child has a new toy to play with.
  Play the music again, having the children pass toys each time the music stops.


Follow the Trail

Use a stick to make a line in a sandy area.  Have your children
 walk on the line.  Try making a variety of lines:  lines that curve,
 lines that have sharp corners, lines that stop and start, etc.


I Spy Jar

Fill a large plastic bottle with sand. Drop familiar objects into the bottle. Tighten the lid.
 As the children turn the bottle, different objects will surface. Name the objects, give
 clues for the children to find a certain item. Attach a card with pictures of the items.


Beach Blanket Bingo

Make Bingo cards with an extra set for your calling cards. Explain the game
 of Bingo to the children. Give them something to use as markers. Pick
 a calling card and those who have that picture put a marker on it. The first
 child who fills his card wins. Continue play until everyone’s card is filled.



Crab Walk

In an open grassy area, set up a start line and finish line.  Have the children
 get down on their hands and knees at the start line, pretending to be crabs.
  At the count of three, have them start crawling sideways toward the finish line.
  When each child crosses the finish line, give them a small prize
 like a gummy fish, shell, or a paper sea star shape. 

Have older children try the traditional crab walk.  Ask them to sit on the ground
 and lean back on their hands.  Have them bend their knees, keeping their feet flat
 on the ground.  Then have them lift their bottoms off the ground and try moving sideways.


Lifeguard, lifeguard, Where's Your Whistle?

This is a simple variation of the old favorite, "Doggy doggy where's your bone?"


Sea Shell Scavenger Hunt

Have a scavenger hunt for seashells. Use paper shapes if you can't get real ones.


Things At the Beach

Seat the children in a circle.  Explain that you are going to roll the beach
 ball to someone.  When a child receives the ball, he should name something
 found at the beach, then roll the ball back to you.  You may want to give
 younger children some examples, such as sand, kites, or beach towels.
  As a variation for older children, encourage each child to name all the
 previously mentioned beach items before adding his own to the list. 


Beach Ball Fun

Invite the children to stand in a circle.  Choose one child to be "it."
  Invite the child who is "it" to stand in the center of the circle, toss
 beach ball into the air, and call out, "Beach ball for (name of a
 player in the circle.)  Have the player who is named retrieve the
 ball. Then designate that child as the new "it."  Continue the game
 until everyone has had a turn tossing the ball and retrieving it.



Who Took The Beach Ball

This game is similar to "Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?" 
Bring out an inflatable beach ball.  Pass it to each
 child, in turn, as the class performs this chant.

Class:  Who took the beach ball from the sandy beach?
Teacher: (Child's name) took the beach ball from the sandy beach!
Named Child:  Who, me?
Class: Yes, you!
Named child: Couldn't be!
Class: Then who?
Teacher: (Naming a different child)
(Child's name) took the beach ball from the sandy beach!

Encourage the last child holding the ball to be the first to participate in the next activity.


Buried Treasure

Select a "treasure" such as a shiny penny or a small rock that you have
 painted gold, plus eight to ten small shells.  Show the items to the players.
  Have them close their eyes while you bury the treasure and shells in a
 sandbox or a plastic tub of sand.  When the players open their eyes, invite
 them to take turns digging with their hands for the buried items. After all the
 items have been found, let the player who discovered the treasure
 bury the items for the next round of the game.


Shell Games

Provide an assortment of shells for trying these ideas with your group.
Sort the shells by kind, color, or size. Count the number of clam shells, oyster
 shells, and so forth. Line up the shells from smallest to largest or in patterns.
Guess how many shells are in a bucket. Count together to check your estimate.




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