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Back To School Recipe Ideas


Getting to Know You Pudding

Take a large coffee can, clean and decorate. Chill the can. Add the
 ingredients for Instant pudding and seal lid with tape. Have the children
 sit in a circle. Have them take turns saying their names as they roll the
 can across the circle to another student. After a few rounds, have the
 children call the name they are rolling to. In no time you have a yummy
 snack to share or for finger liking good fun, let the children finger paint
 with the pudding on a clean table and then take prints of their masterpieces.


School Bus Cakes

Preschool children create their own school bus treats during this preschool activity.

You will need:
One Twinkie snack cake per child,
yellow frosting,
1 bag Gummy Lifesaver candies.

Cut out a small rectangle from one end of the Twinkies to make it look like the hood and
windshield and so it is shaped like a bus. Spread yellow frosting on the Twinkies and add
 Gummy Lifesavers for the wheels. Now it looks like a bus! Serve with milk and fresh fruit.


Kissing Hand Cookies

Bake heart shaped cookies and add a Hershey's kiss
 to the center for each child after reading the story.


Morning Munchie

Items Needed:
Pretzel Sticks
Carob ships
Sandwich bags

Let the children pour and then mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl.
  Put a handful of the snack in each sandwich bag.


Basic Fruit Leather

(aka "Fruit Roll-ups")

Pureed fruit can be dried on special, heavy plastic sheets in your electric dehydrator.
 To prepare apples or pears for leather making, wash fruit thoroughly, remove seeds, puree
 in a blender or food processor until smooth. Mixture should be of pouring consistency. It is
 important to add honey to help keep the leather pliable when dried. If the puree is too
thick, add liquid to thin. If too tart, add more honey or sugar. Heat apple or pear mixture to 190
 F to prevent oxidization, cool before pouring onto dehydrator trays. Coat trays with a layer of
 fruit puree about 1/8 inch thick. Dry at 135 F until leathery. Be careful there are no moisture
 pockets. Roll up fruit leather while warm, wrap in plastic and store.


Applesauce Puree for Fruit Roll-ups

Make applesauce by quartering the apples, trimming off the blossom and stems ends,
 put in pan and add a little water then simmer stirring frequently, until soft.  Then pu
t the cooked apples through a food mill or strainer to remove the peels and seeds.
 Add about 1 tablespoon honey per cup of applesauce to keep the fruit leather
 pliable so it can be rolled up. If it's too thick to spread easily, add more water.


Fruit Leather Made from Applesauce Puree

Lightly grease dehydrator trays and spread puree evenly and thinly onto trays.
 Set temperature at 130-140 F. (55-60 C.) and dry until fruit leather feels dry and
 pliable, with no sticky spots. Remove from trays and cut into pieces. Roll in wax
 paper and fasten rolls with a strip of freezer tape. For long-term storage, put
 roll-ups in freezer bags or quart yogurt containers and store in freezer.

You can also make the fruit leather in your oven.  Heat the oven to 150.
  Pour the pureed fruit onto cookie sheets that have been lightly sprayed with cooking
 spray, or lined with plastic wrap.  Tilt the sheet around to distribute the puree evenly.
 Place the sheet into your oven and leave the door propped open slightly.  The drying
 time will vary upon how much moisture is in your puree, but it'll take a few hours.
 Leather dries from the outside edge toward the center. Test for dryness by touching
 center of leather; no indention should be evident. While warm, peel from plastic and roll,
 allow to cool and rewrap the roll in plastic. For very short term storage of about a week,
 cut the rolled leather into bite sized pieces, lightly dust with cornstarch, and wrap in
 plastic wrap. And then store the plastic wrapped bites in air tight storage containers.
 Store in a cool, dry, dark place such as a pantry. For longer storage, store the prepared
 bite-sized rolls in air tight storage containers and store in refrigerator or freezer.





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