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Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas



Brushing Up On Good Behavior

Copy a paint palette pattern per child.  Write each child's name on their own palette.
  Palette's are then attached to the wall/bulletin board within child's reach.
  Copy a paint brush patter per child and attach to their paint palettes.
 Each time a child exhibits good behavior, allow him or her to color in one
 section of the paint palette.  Title it "Brushing Up On Good Behavior!"


The Bus Song Language Idea/Bulletin Board

Extend that catchy "Bus Song" into a language arts activity.
Mount a large bus cutout on a board.  Have children color
and cut out illustrations of people or things to be mounted
in or on the bus.  Write each youngster's dictation on a
construction-paper speech balloon; then display it near
 his/her illustration.


Lively Bulletin Boards

To make your bulletin boards come to life, mount real objects on your bulletin board...
 to add extra dimension.  For example, if your bulletin board has a laminated
 teddy bear cutout on it, add accents such as real ribbon, clothing, wiggly
 eyes, or jewelry.  This creative display is bound to liven up any classroom.


Kodak Moments

Take pictures of the children on the first day of school using a polaroid
and then use those pictures monthly on your bulletin boards.
Some examples are
Sept: "Welcome aboard" and put their picture on a bus.
Oct: "You look bootiful"  put their picture on ghosts.
March: "Our Irish Eyes are Smiling" Their picture would be on a shamrock etc...
you get the idea.  At the end of the year I use
 the picture for their Preschool Memory Book.


Grab Bags

One thing that I like to do when we start back to school, is to decorate
 a small bulletin board with grab bags. In the grab bags I put things like:
 pencils, erasers, scissors, stickers and some kind of candy treat.
 The children then each pick a goodie bag off of the board.


Self Portraits

Have them draw pictures of themselves to put on a wall or bulletin board.


Look Who I've Spotted In My Class

One of the cutest ones I've seen is a big dalmation with the words, "LOOK WHO I'VE
 SPOTTED IN MY CLASS!" Then you might use the copier to print some little dalmations
 on construction paper with the childrens'names or just put their names on dog dishes, etc.

Variation: "There's a spot for you in Mrs. _____________'s class" I saw this on the last year, but I was so excited when I came across little dalmation cut outs
 at the teacher's supply store last year. Also, from the, for January you make
 numerals of the New Year and have the children use the numerals of the new year to
 create a picture.


We've Rounded Up A Great Bunch Of Students

We did one that had a cat dressed up as a cowboy with the words,
 a lasso with the children's names on shapes of horses on the inside.


Great Batch

We did a baker with a tray of fancy cookies with the childrens' names
 on each with the words, "WE HAVE A GREAT BATCH OF CHILDREN"


Smart Batch of Cookies

"COOKING UP A SMART BATCH OF COOKIES" with each child's name
 on a choc chip cookie and placed them on a cookie sheet. I was the chef.


Space Bulletin Board Idea

For a space theme, you could use the words,
put a Star Trek emblem for the Trekkie fan.


Sail Into September

SAIL INTO SEPTEMBER (add any month) with each child's name on a sailboat.


Time To Start Growing

Each child was a flower, and I was the gardener watering them.


New Line Up

A clothesline with paper T shirts (with names) hanging from a clothespin -
The kids could take down their shirts, decorate them and put them back.
They could even glue photos of themselves on the shirts or in the neck of the shirt.


Suits Me To A "T"

I get a regular t-shirt and cut out letters that say, "My New Class Really Suits Me to a "T"
 Then the kids decorate t-shirt cut outs and I put their names across the bottom. I make
 a clothesline out of string and hand the t-shirt on the line. My kids really get a kick out
 of this. This idea is from a Mailbox bulletin board book. One of our teachers uses the
 clothesline all year. She has it across the front of her room. She writes each child's name
 on a clothespin and permanently attached it to a clothesline in ABC order.
 Before the kids come in each morning, she unhooks the line and strings
 it across her front board. As the children come in, they pull out their homework
 and attach it to the clothesline with their clothespin. At a glance, she can see
 who has not turned in homework. After she's checked it, a students takes down
 the work and she unhooks it and pulls it out the next morning. Clever, isn't it?


Tee-rific" Summer!

For a slight variation title the board "It Was a "Tee-rific" Summer!"
 and have students decorate t-shirt cutouts with some of the things they did.


Great Bunch

Each year I have a bulletin board that says "WE MAKE A GREAT BUNCH!"
 and I have a bunch of grapes on it. When the kids come in on the first day
 they each have a white circle on their desk. They are instructed to draw a
 self portrait on it. We then try to guess who each portrait belongs to.
 Then we put the portraits on our grapes on the bulletin board.

Variation on this idea is to make their circles purple and the title is
 WHAT A "GRAPE" BUNCH OF NEW FACES. It's a hit every  year.


Apple Of My Eye

My back to school bulletin board has several large--about 10" across-apples
 (enough for each student). I laminated them and in the center of each one
 I put a Polaroid picture of a student with his/her name written in red sharpie.
 The border is apple border available commercially and the saying is
 "YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE". I often have the same students from year
 to year and after I take it down, I put the pictures in a photo album for all to enjoy.


(____) Grade Is A Picnic

"THIRD GRADE IS A PICNIC" Use a tablecloth or checkered fabric
 for the background. I used three paper plates to write "Miss/Mrs./Mr.  _____ class."


Baseball Bulletin Board

"Third Grade will Be Balls of Fun" Write students names
 on baseballs. you can write your name on a pennant.


Chicka Chick Boom Boom Look Who's In Our Room

I had a large coconut tree. I made the board to look like the cover of the book.
 I used the first letter of each child's name and had it going up the tree with
 a picture of the student attached to the letter. I had the rest of the alphabet
 in a pile beneath the tree. I did have some letters more than once because,
 of course some children's names begin with the same letter. It still looked cute. It was very
 colorful! I saw it in a magazine where the student's names were on coconuts in the tree.

A related activity - I gave the kids brown paper for trunks and green for leaves.
Each made a coconut tree (glued to a blue sheet), then looked through
 magazines and flyers to find large individual letters to make their name.
 They glues the letters to the trunk "walking" up the tree.


Blast Off!

Each child's picture is adhered to a rocketship. Cut-outs of various star sizes,
 along with the little star stickers all over the bulletin board. Caption reads -


A Tree for all Seasons

Make a large tree on the classroom wall. This tree may be made from flat brown paper,
 or wide crumpled butcher paper. It may, as the name suggests, be left up all year
 and may be decorated to suit the time of year. For the beginning of school in
 September, cut out large leaves from red, orange and yellow paper,
 print a name on each leaf and pin to the tree.


Hats Off To Mrs. Smith's Class

This sign was surrounded by a variety of hat shapes, each with a child's name.


Welcome to My Bright Stars!

Print each child's name on a star


Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

For those  teachers who have very large classes, here is a mild but effective protest!
"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe....." Cut out a large boot, and have the
 children's names on girl and boy shapes around it. You could also have the children
 draw themselves in the first week and print their own names to put around
 the words and boot picture.


I Am Special

Each child draws and colors his/her own face on an inverted paper plate.
 Add crayoned paper strips or the correct colors of crepe paper for hair. The children
 make a full figure drawing of themselves and cut it out. Each drawing is mounted
 with a drinking straw in the child's hand for a pole, and on
 the top of the pole is a banner with the child's name on it.


Too Many Kids In the Tub

Cut out a large old-fashioned bathtub and mount on the board. Each
 child creates their own face on a paper plate (or just a drawing), adds yarn or
 crepe paper hair, etc. All the heads are mounted above the tub as though bathing.
 A poem to go with it:
There's too many kids in the tub,
There's too many elbows to scrub,
I've lost my knee, oh, where can it be,
There's too many kids in the tub.
(May be sung to "Popeye, the Sailor Man")



Each child was given the spider shape to decorate and which included
 their name. It was titled "VERY BUSY WORKERS IN ? CLASS.


Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

The bulletin board is covered in frogs.


Hoot Owls

The board is covered in owls.


Our Class Comes In ___ Flavors

Do a mini ice-cream theme the first few days. Each child can make a large
 cone shape out of brown construction paper with a different colored scoop
 on top. They put their picture on the ice-cream scoop and their name on the
 cone. The title can read "Our Class Comes In (number of children) Flavors!"


School of Fish

The children create different fantasy fish with crayon on a pre-cut shape,
 leaving a large circle area in the middle for their picture and name. All
 must be colored facing the same direction (preferably noses to the right
 so the fish are traveling from left to right). They are then fastened to the bulletin
 board in a triangular fashion, so that you start with one fish on the right hand side,
 two fish behind him, the third row with 3 or 4 fish and so on.
 The title of the board reads "School's In!"


Magic School Bus

Create a large yellow school bus, with the children's heads (photos, photocopies or drawings)
 in the windows. The side of the bus could read "Mrs. Smith's Magic School Bus".


The Art Express

Have each child try one of the following art experiences below on a 9" x 12" sheet of art
 paper.  When the projects are dry, add paper wheels and a hitch to each one. Then
 display the art related cargo behind a train engine cutout labeled "The Art Express."
  Each time children try a new art technique, add the cargo to to train or use it
 to replace the cargo that's currently on display. 

Plastic Wrap: Randomly drip colorful tempera paint onto art paper.  Cover the art paper
 with plastic wrap. Touching only the plastic, smooth, smear, and swirl the paint colors.

Cardboard Tubes:  Dip one end of a cardboard tube into a shallow container of paint and
 then randomly stamp the painted end onto art paper.  Repeat as many times as desired.

Toy Vehicles:
  Roll a toy vehicle through a shallow container of
 paint and then onto art paper. Repeat as many times as desired.


Parachute Fun

Have the children draw themselves and attach a parachute. Title: "Flying into Grade ___".


Bear-y Wonderful Class

Print each student's name on a picture of a bear or teddy bear.
Title: Welcome to Our Bear-y Wonderful Class".


We Fit Together Perfectly

Create giant puzzle pieces in bright colors. Mount these on a black background
 and separate each piece slightly so the background shows. Each piece can have
 a child's picture and the name on it. The title can be: "We Fit Together Perfectly".


I Shine

Make the title "I SHINE" out of aluminum foil. Cut squares of aluminum
 foil-one for each class member. They draw their self portrait in the foil with
 markers. I think I'll back them with colorful paper. Got this idea from a workshop.


Look Who's Popping Into _ Grade!

I made a large paper popcorn box and popcorn out of paper or sheets of styrofoam
 (they have them in the hobby section of most stores) and put the
 kids names on them it is turning out really nice!


(Grade) - A Great Place To Grow

Last year our school began the year with the theme "All About Me." We focused on health, self-esteem,
biographies, life skills, etc. My welcome bulletin board had the heading "Second Grade--A Great Place to
 Grow." I wrote each child's name on the center of a flower pattern which decorated the board. Students
added to the bulletin board by writing traits about themselves on new flower petals which we placed over their
 original flowers. Students wrote personal goals for the year on stems and added these to the bulletin board.


Here We Are

I have a large bulletin board at the back of my room. I put a bright colored
 paper on it and the letters to spell "HERE WE ARE" (Above the board,
 on the wall it says my class name.) I fasten a piece of colored
 construction paper 18 x 24, for each child to it. I print the names
 of each child on lines on a paper 3 inches wide and about 12 long.
 (I print the names since I find Grade One children are not yet able to print in
 a consistent fashion. In grades other than one the child could print his/her
 own name of course.) Each child follows the outline of their name with glitter,
 sequins or even with crayon or neon paint, if I don't have glitter.
 This strip is glued at the top of the construction paper. I have
 each child bring a picture of themselves - I take a polaroid of anyone
 who doesn't bring one. We fasten it with rolled masking tape
 (so it can be removed) onto a 4 1/2 x 6 white paper that has a frame on it - child could
 make frame on paper. This paper is glued to construction paper background.
 I decide how much space there is and decide how many 4 1/2 x 6 sections
 would fit on the background. On one section I have the child write about or
 draw their family, on another paper they list or draw things they like to do,
 and on another write, list or draw favorite food , pets, etc.. All these papers are glued to
 construction paper to make a poster. Sometimes children decorate the poster background
 either before gluing anything on or around the messages . (This year I am going to have
 them put their finger painted handprints on the background before gluing anything on.)
These are done over a week or two and make a great display for Meet the Teacher Night
 etc. They can stay up "forever", and when taken home are often kept.


I'm So Hoppy You Are Here

Place student names on lily pads and add a large frog to a board titled "I'm
 So 'Hoppy'  You Are Here!" This is one of my favorite ideas from Mailbox magazine.


Handy Dandy Class

"Handy Dandy Class" bulletin board on butcher paper. Place a class list in the center.
 Then have each student place his/her hand, palm down, in poster paint and press
 on the paper to create a handprint. Signatures can be added underneath the print.


Rock and Roll Into   (____)   Grade.

One year I bought a cardboard jukebox, plastic record albums, and various
 "music-related" items at Paper Warehouse. They were very inexpensive.
 Then I had music notes with the kids names written on them all over the board.
 I titled the board "Rock and Roll Into _______ Grade." It turned out very cute!


Mrs. Jone's Colorful Class

Use a bunch of color crayons that have the kids' names.
 Once school starts, I plan to hang their self-portraits under their crayons.


Mrs. ___'s Bunch

Have a clown (the teacher ) holding a bunch of balloons.


Mrs. _____'s New Crop

Apples on a tree or another harvest fruit or vegetable


Look Who's Back in School

With fish (they are easy to make) with each child's name on a watery
 background. It's extra cute if you can mount a mirror on the bulletin board.


Up, Up, and Away

With hot air balloons--they are easy to make.
 Then have each child color their own unique design on the balloon.


 Using Pencils

"Pencil us in for a great year!" or "Welcoming a sharp bunch of students".


Worm Your Way Into (______)

Last year I  made Wiggle worms from 4 same size circles. I added antennas and each
child's name. Each worm was a different color and the title was "Worm  Your Way into
 Mrs. Kerns Class". I usually use the same theme for the  entire classroom.



More Bulletin Board Ideas

"Kindergarten Busy Bees" (or Beavers)

"One of a Kind Class" - handprints

"Moo-ving into Kindergarten" - cows

"Stepping into Kindergarten" - shoes

"A Great Bunch" with either grapes or bananas

"Beary Glad YOU Are Here" or "A Beary Good Group" with bears

Using award ribbons: "Award-winning Students"

Using stars: "Reach for the Stars in 2nd Grade", "2G Starring . . .", "Mrs. Gallipoli's All-Stars"

Using feet or shoes: "We're starting off on the right foot" or "Step into 2nd Grade"

Using T-Shirts on a clothesline: "2nd grade suits us to a tee" or Mrs. Gallipoli's line-up"

Using apples: "Bushels of fun in 2nd grade" or "The apples of my eye"

Using frogs: "Leap into 2nd grade" or "Toad-ally awesome students"

Using monkeys & bananas: "Bananas about 2nd grade"

Using dinosaurs: "Welcome to a dino-mite year"

Using jeans: "2nd grade jean-iuses"

Using fish: "Welcome to our school" or "Oceans of fun in 2nd grade"

Using backpacks: "Welcome to our pack!"

Using footballs: "Kicking off a great year!"



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