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Arbor Day Language Ideas


Trees Give Us Many Gifts

Help your children identify the importance of trees in everyday life.
  Discuss the many gifts trees provide for us. Trees help provide an
 attractive environment.  In addition, they provide wood, which is used
 for homes, furniture, and many other products.  Foods from trees
 include fruit, nuts, maple syrup, chocolate, spices, and olives.  Trees also
 help keep air,  breathable, help conserve soil and water, and are homes for wildlife.


Leaf Creature Stories

Give the children construction paper, glue, felt-tip markers and an assortment of
 colorful fall leaves. Have each child select two or three leaves and glue them on
 his or her paper. Let the children use felt-tip markers to add arms, legs, hands
, feet, hair, eyes and other features to make leaf creatures.  After the children
have completed their leaf creatures activity (above), ask them to tell you stories
 about their creatures. Write each story at the bottom of the storyteller's paper.
 With the permission of the author, read each story out loud to the whole group.


The Importance of Trees

There are many reasons why trees are important, here are just a few:
Trees are a important source of food.  They grow many of the fruits we eat.
  Can you name some?  Trees prevent soil erosion, that is to protect the
 upper layer of the soil from drifting away by wind and water.  Trees are
 the homes of many animals and help provide the shelter and food for
 them and many plants.  Can you name some animals that live and
 need trees?  Trees produce oxygen something that we need in the air
 to breath, so trees help keep the air nice and clean!  A tree gives
 shade in the summer and keeps us cool. We also need some
 trees to build structures, homes and many products that we
 need like very important medicines.  We need to replant them and take
 care of them.  They help store water that we may need during a drought.


Things to discuss... Circle Time Discussions

Learn the parts of a tree - vein, leaf, branch, trunk, and roots.

Talk about how the tree grows because the water goes in the roots, up the
trunk, through the branches, in the leaves and through the veins.

Talk about the different kinds of leaves - needles and broadleaf. Talk
about the differences and likenesses of the leaves. Get real leaves to do
this. Let them feel the veins and the textures.

Talk about the different kinds of bark.

Talk with them about birds and animals making nests,
 worms making  cocoons, and spiders spinning webs in
 trees. If possible show them real nests, cocoons, or webs.

You could also (somewhere) talk about how Native American's
 believe there is a soul inside of the trees - and show the part
 of Pocahontas where she is talking the the tree.

Talk about the different uses of trees.- home for birds and animals,
 used to build homes, furniture, toys and paper.  Some people burn
 wood for heat.  It also provides shade, protection for rain and
 is used to block strong winds.  Trees also provide jobs and food.




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