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Arbor Day Arts & Crafts Ideas



Green Forest

Help your child collect outdoor greenery such as leaves, grass,
 or evergreen sprigs.  Brush glue all over a piece of construction paper.
  Invite your child to arrange his greenery on top of the glue to create a "forest."


Tree Rubbing

With crayons or colored chalk, have your
 children do rubbings of different tree bark. 


Leaf / Tree Branch Painting

Paint with leaves or small tree branch instead of brushes.
 Use the colors of leaves: green, yellow, red, brown.


Tree Huggers

If there is a large tree near your school or center, you've got just the
 thing for this texture exploration.  To begin, wrap a piece of white
 bulletin board paper around the tree and then tape it into place.  Set
 shallow pans of paint and a few child sized paint rollers near the tree.
  Invite a child to dip the rollers in the paint and then roll a design on the
 paper.  Be sure to have the child press gently on the roller as he paints
 so that the texture of the bark will appear on the paper.  When the child
 has finished painting, untape the paper and set it aside to dry.  Mount
 each child's colorful creation on a wall for a "tree-mendous" display.


Handprint Tree

Paint child's hand and forearm brown, press on paper. When dry
 you can  add leaves with fingerprints in green or fall colors, or you
 can glue on  tissue paper in green or fall colors, or you can glue on
 puzzle pieces that  are appropriate colors. For a spring tree you can add
 blossoms with the  leaves. For a winter tree, leave bare and add snow.


Apple Trees

Have the children make "apple" trees.  Paint or draw trunk. Color top of tree
green and with red stamp pad they can make apples with their thumb prints.


Spring Tree Model

Each child will need a 9" x 12" sheet of brown construction paper, a
 6" x 9" piece of white construction paper, a 6" x 9" green construction
 paper, and a 4" x 4" piece of cardboard.  Help each child roll his brown
 paper into a tube and secure it with tape to create a tree trunk.  Have
 him cut one inch slashes in one end of the tube and fold them out to
make roots.  Assist the child in cutting four V shapes in the other end
 of the tube to make branches.  Help each child staple the roots to his
 piece of cardboard.  Next, have each child cut a treetop shape from
 the green paper.  Have him use a small leaf shaped sponge and
 green paint to print leaves on the treetop.  Then give the child a
 cotton swab and pink paint to decorate the treetop with dot shaped
 blossoms.  Help each child use a stapler to attach the treetop
 to the branches. To complete the project, have each child make
 a simple key to identify the trunk, leaves, and blossoms.


Blossom Tree

Construction Paper Paper
Powdered Tempera Paint

Cut out a brown tree trunk and some branches from construction paper.
Take popcorn and sprinkle pink or red tempera paint on it.
 Children glue the colored popcorn onto the branches.
 It should look like a tree with blossoms.


Leaf Glitter

Gather dried leaves. Crush them to make
"leaf glitter" to use for an project or picture.


Tree Outline

To make tree outline, trace the child's hand (with fingers spread) and arm
 (up to the elbow) on a large piece of paper. Color the inside of the outline,
 that is the tree. Now, glue leaves onto the branches around the base of
 the tree. You can also cut out "apples" or other fruit and glue them on the tree.


Summer/Autumn Tree

Take two paper plates. On one draw a line through the middle of one plate.
Paint one half green and the other half yellow, red and orange. Let dry. On
the other plate cut a window out of the top half, on the bottom half draw a
tree trunk. Fasten the two plates together with a paper fastener. The top
plate should turn so that the leaves on the trunk can be changed form
summer to fall.


Glitter Pine Cones

Dip pine cones into a bowl of white glue, and then dip them into a bowl
 of  glitter. Let them dry, and hang them from the ceiling by a string.


The House that Jack Built

Make a little booklet for the children to color. 
First page, I do them on 1/2 sheets. This is the seed that ______________
(insert child's name) planted.  I have used actual acorns or a picture of an
 acorn or any other tree seed glue above the words you have typed of
 written at the bottom of the page.  2nd page. This is the little tree that is
 growing from the seed that _________________planted. Have children
 draw a small tree, or you can make trees of varying sizes from construction
 paper glue to page. 3rd page.  This the tree that is growing from the seed that
 _______________planted (on this page have children draw or glue a larger tree). 
 4th page.  This is the large tree that grew from the small tree that grew from the
 seed that ______________ planted.  On this last page have child draw or glue
 tree.  If you have chosen a fruit tree have child draw fruit on the tree.  If you
 choose an Oak tree you can have child draw a picture of a swing on the
 tree or them climbing the tree or sitting under the shade of the tree. 


Leaf Frames

For each child, you will need two clear plastic lids that are the same size
(coffee can lids, margarine tub lids, etc.). Cut the outer rim off of one lid
so that it will fit snugly inside the other lid. Collect a variety of autumn
leaves. Let the children each choose one or two leaves and glue them inside
their rimmed lids. Then have them put their rimless lids on top of their
leaves and snap them in place. Attach ribbons to the tops of the finished
leaf frames and hang them in a window.


Leaf Prints

Glue different leaves onto cardboard. Move a roller through paint, then
roll over  the leaves. Lay a thin paper over leaves and rub with your hand.


More Arbor Day Art Ideas...

Make a leaf collage.

Use a tree to make a bark rubbing.

Use old bark that has fallen off for bark prints.




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