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Apples Misc. Ideas & Links



Apple Discussion

Where do apples come from?  What different colors are apples?  Do you like red,
 yellow, or green apples the best?  Which apples are sweet?  Which apples are tart?


Apple Tasting

During circle give children a chance to taste a red, yellow, and a green apple.
Ask which one is sour/bitter? Which one is their Favorite?
I also had caramel dip for the children to try with their apple they loved it..


Leaf Walk

Take a leaf walk outside and collect apple leaves.  If this is not possible, cut leaves from construction
 paper and place them around your room or building before taking the walk.  Have children find the leaves.



On Johnny Appleseed's birthday have an applefest where all the
children wear "pot" hats on their head and later eat apple snacks.


Apple Face

Photo submitted by Shell


A-peel-ing Magnets

These refrigerator magnets make a fun favor for parents to take home after an open house visit.
  Before open house, work one-on-one with each child to assemble his/her magnet.  To make one,
 cut an apple shape from red craft foam.  Help the child cut out a green craft foam leaf and a brown
 craft foam stem.  Then direct the child to glue them onto the apple.  When the glue is dry,
use a paint pen to write:  ________'s Work is good enough to eat!
  Then attach a strong self-adhesive magnetic strip onto the back of the apple.


Note Requesting Apple

Dear Parents,

Next week we will begin our study of apples. We need your help!  Please send an apple to school
 with your child on Monday. Feel free to send any size, type, and color of apple you can find. We
 welcome home grown and store-bought apples. Variety will help make this activity more exciting!!
 (An extra apple would be helpful for children who are absent or who forget) During the week we will be
 comparing the apples, writing and reading about apples, and we will end our study in a very delicious way!

Thanks for all your help!


Apple Scented Room

Put apple cider and possible cinnamon sticks in a hot crock pot to scent the room.



More Info On Apples

Write for more information on apples
Internationational Apple Institute
P.O.BOX 1137
McLean, Va 22101

Washington State Apple Commission
P.O.Box 18
Wenatchee, Wa. 98807

The processed Apples Institute
5775 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road Suite 500-G
Atlanta, Ga 30342


Apple Faces

You turn the apple upside-down, with the stem side up. You take two small
 bites at the top and one in the middle and then one bigger at the. The kids are
 really excited when they see the face! Then we set them on the table and let
 them smile at us. We then compare their faces and vote if we want to eat them
 or not. Most of the time they want to eat them and give each
 other instructions on how to make the face on the back.


Other Ideas

Have a birthday party for Johnny Appleseed.

Make apple muffins.

Make an apple pie

Plant apple seeds.

Plan a field trip to the orchard to pick apples.





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