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Apples Literature Ideas


"The Apple Pie Tree"  by Zoe Hall

After reading "The Apple Pie Tree" by Zoe Hall, youngsters will be in the
 mood for making pies. Invite each child to make a pretend apple pie at
 your housekeeping center. To prepare, create a recipe chart. Place the
 chart in the center along with the following items: a 9" pie pan, a 9" light
 brown felt circle, a 10" light brown felt circle, sponge apple slices or felt
 slices, a rolling pin, and an empty cinnamon container. Invite each child
 to visit the area and follow the chart to create an apple pie that almost looks good enough to eat.


Things You Can Make With Apples

Talk about all the things you can do with apples. ( applesauce, etc.) Make an apple shaped book about it.


Johnny Appleseed Stories

Children write their own story about Johnny Appleseed with Illustrations.
You may have to write the children's stories down if they are too young.


Story Starters

If I were an apple....
One day I saw an apple tree....


Apple Booklet

This is a four page book. One apple on the
 first three pages for the children to color.

The poem goes:
(On the cover.)

Apples, apples,
yum, yum, yum.
I like apples in my tum.

(Next three pages.)
Red ones, yellow ones,
green ones too,

(Last page.)
I put an apple _____________.
On the fourth page the child draws a picture of where
 he put the apple and the teacher writes his words.


Ten Apples Up On Top

Read the book "Ten Apples Up On Top" by Theo LeSeig (aka Dr. Seuss). Get
some bean bags and practice balancing them on your head! Great Fun!!

After reading the book the children make self portraits on sandwich size paper plates.
 They often use colored paper for the features and yarn for the hair. Next we make apple
 prints on long narrow strips of paper (from a roll). The children decide how many apples
 they want to balance on their heads and then print that many with apples dipped in paint.
 They also get to choose if they want to print yellow apples or red apples or both. After they
 are dry we attach the long strips of apple print paper to the top of the paper plate self portrait.
 As if to seem the apples are being balanced on a head. The children can count the apples
 and write the number on the paper if they are old enough. Each child seems to enjoy pointing
 out their head and prints to their parent and most count the apples for the parent.


"Who Will Help?"
Adapted by Rozanne Williams

I found this book at Hammett's teacher store. It's a very thin, short paperback book. It's a MUST
 for applesauce day! Basically it is the story of Henny Penny...."Who will help me grind the
 corn, bake the bread etc." Only the story has been adapted. The chicken in this story is asking
 "Who will help me pick the apples, slice the apples, cook the apples etc." And the end reads
 "Who will help me EAT the APPPLESAUCE?" I read the story and then I go back and ask the children
 "did you help slice the apples, cook the apples etc." " Then YOU can eat the APPLESAUCE!"


Apple Book

Cut out a red construction paper apple have each child dictate a story.
 They can illustrate it staple and put cover around pages to make a book.


~ Suggested Apple Readings ~






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