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Apples Large Motor Ideas


Ten Apples On Top

We read Ten Apples Up on Top. We use red beanbags to balance "apples" on our heads.
 We count how many we can balance. We then make our own class book. Each child is given
 a page with a head drawn on it. They add face and hair. They use an apple stamp to add how many
 "apples" they balanced on their heads. We then bind the book together and add it to our class library.


Following Directions

Cut out red and green apples from construction paper. Hand one apple to each
 child and say " all red apples clap your hands" " all green apples hop", etc.


Making Applesauce

Seat your children around a parachute. Have them hold the edges with their fingers on top,
 with thumbs hiding underneath. Practice moving the parachute up and down (stressing that
 we do so gently). Use position words to direct (i.e. Move the parachute OVER your head).
 Tell children that you are going to be making something with apples…maybe applesauce?
 Ask children to come up with a “recipe”. Place foam apples (red, green and yellow foam balls)
onto the parachute and pretend to add other ingredients as they are called out.
 Challenge the children to keep all the apples on the parachute.


Rotten Apples

As above, add all the foam apples (red, green and yellow foam balls) to the parachute
 and instruct the children to bounce them around gently. Choose one of the colors
 and tell children that we must get rid of these “rotten apples”.


Tree Fell Down

Play Tree Fell Down by Hap Palmer (Easy Does It) and have children
 pretend they are moving under and around an apple tree.



Apple Toss

Have children partner up and toss an apple back and forth
 to each other... trying not to let the apple touch the ground.


Be Like Johnny Appleseed

September 26 is the birthday of John Chapman, the legendary figure better known as Johnny Appleseed.
 Share the story of Johnny Appleseed with your students. You may want to paraphrase a book version
 of the story, such as Johnny Applesee retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg (Scholastic Inc.)
 or The Story of Johnny Appleseed by Aliki (Simon & Schuster).

Then commemorate Johnny's birthday with a Johnny Appleseed Walk. A few days before your walk,
 send a note home to each family requesting that they send in pots for their children to wear on their
 heads. On the day of your walk, explain to your students that they're going to imitate Johnny
 Appleseed's seed-planting travels. But they can't spread apple seeds all over the school grounds
 because there wouldn't be room for all those apple trees. There is room for lots of grass though!
 Give each child a small plastic bag full of grass seed. Have the children wear their pots on
 their heads and take a walk around the school grounds, tossing out grass seed as they go!



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