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Wormy Apples Game




Apples Game Ideas



Apple File Folder Games

Below are photos I took of my class working with the different file folder games during our apple week.

(photos above and below were submitted by Shell)


Apple Color Match

Apple Letter Match





Apple Number Match
(match dots to correct number)

Apple Number Match
match dots to correct number)

(photos submitted by Shell)


Apple Hunt

Cut out construction paper apples and hide them in the room.
  Let the children look for the apples.  Then count how many they can find.


Where's That Worm?

Combine rhyme and numbers in this seasonal group activity.  To prepare, cut ten apple shapes
 from red construction paper.  Label each apple with a numeral from 1 to 10.  Tape a craft stick handle
 to each apple.  Then tape a two inch long piece of green pipe cleaner (a worm) to the back of one apple.
  At circle time, have ten children stand in front of the class and give each one an apple cutout.
  Have students recite the following poem; then have a child try to find the worm by naming a
 numbered apple.  Direct the child holding that apple to answer yes or no and show the back of it.
  Continue the activity until a child finds the worm.  Then collect the apples, move the worm, and play again.

Ten red apples growing on a tree-
Five for you and five for me.
There's one little worm that you can't see.
Where, oh, where can that little worm be?


Apple Colors

Set out basket of red and green apples and pieces of red and green construction paper.  Let your children
 remove the apples from the basket and place them on the matching colored paper pieces.  When the children
 are ready for a more challenging game, add some yellow apples and a piece of yellow construction paper.


Apple Center

Cut several apple shapes from construction paper. Print a word on each apple that begins with an
 A and the picture. Make two apples for each word. Invite students, to play a memory game by
 laying the apples face down on the table, turning over pairs of words, reading them, and trying to
 match pairs. Students can aim play by mixing the apples face up, matching, and reading word pairs.


Apple Colors

Set out a basket of red and green apples and pieces of red and green construction paper.
 Let your children remove the apples from the basket and place them on the matching
 colored paper pieces. When the children are ready for a more challenging game,
 add some yellow apples and a piece of yellow construction paper.


Fishing for Apples

Make fishing poles with magnets connected to the ends. Cut apple shapes from red, yellow,
 and green construction paper. Attach a metal paper clip to each apple shape. Place apples on a
 large piece of blue butcher paper that has been cut into the shape of a pond. Lay the items on the
 floor and ask children to fish for different colored apples or to pick up a certain number of apples.


Apple Match

Cut out apples out of green, yellow and red paper. Glue them on a file folder.
 Have the kids match them by color. Or you can draw shapes on the apples
 and they can match them. Numbers, Size, or Letters work also.


Apple Counting Game

Glue a felt tree shape to each of five cardboard squares.
  Write a number from 1 to 5 under each tree. Cut fifteen
 apple shapes out of felt.  To play the game have the children
 take turns identifying the numbers below and placing
 the corresponding number of apples on them.


Apple Bingo Matching Game

Materials Needed:
6 Poster board strips (approx. 6x11" each)
6 Red construction paper apples
6 Yellow construction paper apples
6 green construction paper apples
Black permanent marker
Lamination or contact paper

Draw 18 different faces (i.e.: sleepy eyes with nose and smile; triangle eyes with nose and sad face) on the 18
 construction paper apples. Glue the red apples at the top of each of the 6 poster boards; the yellow apples in
 the middle and the green apples at the bottom. (The apple poster boards will resemble a stoplight, sort of.)
 Contact or laminate each card. Now cut out 18 more apples (6 of each color) and draw the same faces on
 these apples. Laminate/contact these apples. These apple cut-outs will be the lotto or bingo cards to match
 to the corresponding apple face on the lotto/bingo poster board pieces. Have one player hold up a card
 (or the teacher) and the child who has the matching face will put the card over his/her matching face.
 Play until all children have their cards filled up. It's a fun game!


The Early Worm Gets the Apple

"Sometimes seeing a worm in an apple isn't so bad--especially if you're the worm!" Divide your group into
 thirds. Designate one group to be the worms. Pair the students in the remaining two groups. Ask the
 students in each pair to face each other & hold hands to represent an apple. Play some lively music
 as the worms move & wiggle around the apples. Then stop the music and direct each worm to find
 an apple in which to hide. Continue the game until everyone has had a chance to be a wiggle worm!


Real Easy Apple "Stuff"

Have several different varieties of apple, several different colors - discuss different colors,
 you can let each child have a different one and play a game like -- if you have a green
 apple stand up, if you have a yellow apple hop up & down, etc. Have large apple shapes
 cut out and different color paint to match the apples and let the kids choose which color
 to paint theirs. Cut the apples and serve for snack, talk about the different tastes, make
 a graph showing which apple each person liked. Cut the apple in half and show the kids
 the star inside, make up a story about it! You can do apple printing from the halves -
maybe on a large apple shaped paper. Hang apples from ceiling & challenge the kids to
 take a bite without using their hands (good for older ones, can be frustrating for little ones).


Leaf Walk

Take a leaf walk outside and collect apple leaves. If this is not possible, cut leaves from construction
 or tissue paper and place them around your room before taking the walk. Have children find the leaves.


Tasting Different Kinds of Apples

Provide three types of apples - red, yellow, and green. Wash the apples and cut them into pieces,
 and place on three separate paper plates. Tell children the name of each apple.
 Have them compare the color, texture and taste of each type of apple.


Musical Apples

Make an apple necklace for each child playing. Cut a small apple shape from red, yellow,
 and green construction paper. Punch a small hole in the top of the apple and attach a piece
 of yarn large enough to loosely go over the child's head. Let the children wear their necklaces
 while playing Musical Apples. This is played like musical chairs. Place a picture of an apple on
 each chair. Put out one less chair than children who will be playing. Play some marching music
 and have children sit on the chairs as the music stops. Each time you play the music eliminate a chair.
 The child who doesn't get a seat needs to wait until the game starts over.
 The winner is left when there is only one child on one chair.


Apple Hunt

Materials Needed:
Real apples, pictures of apples or felt apples

Invite the children to go on an apple hunt. If you use real apples,
 use them to make applesauce using your favorite recipe


Who Stole the Apple from The Apple Tree

Materials Needed:
Real or plastic apple

Play this game just like "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar"


Hot Apple

Play this game just like "Hot Potato"


Apple Trees

Let the kids paint apple trees using sponges dipped in the color they would like their
 tree to be. (You can also just use markers or crayons and color trees) Once the kids are
 finished, have them tell you a story about their tree. Write out what the child says either on the
 back of the tree or separate paper, and have the child circle all the words that have an "A" in them.



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