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Alligator Songs, Poems, & Fingerplays



Alligator Pie

Alligator pie, alligator pie.
If I don't get some
I think I'm gonna die (or cry).
Take away the green grass,
Take away the sky.
But don't take away
My alligator pie.

(You can change the words to make
different rhymes, such as this.)

Alligator cake, alligator cake.
If I don't get some
I think I'm gonna shake.
Take away the river.
Take away the lake.
But don't take away
My alligator cake.

Alligator soup, alligator soup
If I don't get some, I think I'm gonna droop
Take away my basketball, take away the hoop
But don't take away my alligator soup.

Alligator stew, Alligator stew;
If I don't get some,
I don't know what I'll do. 
You can give away my socks,
and give away my shoe,
but don't give away
my alligator stew.

Alligator tea, alligator tea
If I don't get some, I'll go and climb a tree
Take away the ocean
Take away the sea
But don't take away my alligator tea.

(Pretend to make an alligator pie. Suggest foods
 that alligators might eat to put into the pie.)


The Alligator

The Alligator snaps his jaws
(lay arms flat together)
Snap, snap, snap,
(hands open and shut)
The alligator smacks his tail
(hands on thighs)
smack ,smack, smack.
(smack lips)
The alligator crawls away
(slither hands away from body)
Tap tap tap
(Stomp feet.)


All the Preschool Alligators

All the preschool alligators
Stand here in a row.
(stand in row facing audience)
Our gators want to show you
All the things they know.
(bow to audience)

These gators know their numbers
(count to ten)
They know some letters, too.
(say A, B, C's)
These gators know a nursery rhyme
They'll say it now for you.
(recite nursery rhyme)

These gators can say, "Thank you!"
(say thank you)
These gators can say, "Please"
(say please)
These gators say, "Excuse me!"
Every time they sneeze.
(pretend to sneeze and say excuse me)

These gators like to read.
(Pretend to read a book)
These gators run and play.
(run in place)
These gators want to say good-bye
The alligator way!
(wave and say, "See you later alligator!"
Then clap hands together and shout, "SNAP!"


Alligators Are Unfriendly

Alligators are unfriendly,
they are easily upset,
I suspect that I would never
care to have one for a pet.
Oh, I know they do not bellow,
and I think that they do not shed,
but I'd probably be nervous
if I had one in my bed.

Alligators are not clever,
they are something of a bore,
they can't heel or catch a Frisbee,
they don't greet you at the door,
for their courtesy is lacking,
and their tempers are not sweet,
they won't even fetch your slippers
...though they might eat your feet.


The Alligator Chant

Say this chant slowly.  Clap when you say "snap!"

Old Mr. Alligator looking all around,
Floating in the water without making a sound.
But don't go swimming,
If you hear this sound... SNAP!
See ya later Alligator,
I prefer the ground.


Good Bye Song

See You later Alligator, In a while crocodile, Bye bye butterfly,
 Be sweet parakeet, Give a hug ladybug, See ya soon, raccoon,
 Out the door dinosaur, Take care Polar Bear, So long king kong,
And bye said the fly.

Every day before we leave, as the students line up, we recite the poem. It
really is fun as the students begin to develop an understanding of rhyming. I
have a large poster with the poem written on it hung above the exit door. We
use different voices for each of the animals named with the fly being the
quietest. This helps the line walk quietly down the hall at the end of the day.


Alligator Good-Bye Song

(Sung to the tune of: "Glory, Glory Hallelujah")

See you later, alligator.
See you later, alligator.
See you later, alligator.
It's time to say good-bye!


Albert the Alligator

Albert Alligator had a very big mouth!
(hands mimic alligator)
Teeth pointing north and teeth pointing south!
(point up and down)
He liked to lay all day in the sun...
(lay back)
And, he'd snap at a bullfrog just for fun!
(snap hand)
One frog, two frogs, three frogs, four.
He was too full, he could eat no more!
(shake head no)



(Echo Chant)


Can be your friend, can be your friend,
Can be your friend, too!

The alligator is my friend,
And he can be your friend, too.
If only you could understand,
Don't wear him as a show!


The alligator is my friend.
He likes to dance and flirt.
If only you could understand,
Don't wear him as a skirt.


The alligator is my friend.
He likes to sing and dance.
If only you could understand,
Don't wear him as your pants.




Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys swinging from a tree,
(Hold up five fingers and swing hand.)
Teasing Mr. Alligator, "Can't catch me."
(take index finger and shake it up and down)
Along came Mr. Alligator quiet as can be,
(act very quiet and suddenly place hands
together thumbs pointing to the left,
and move back and forth like a fish)
And snatched a monkey right out of that tree!
 (open hands like a mouth and clap hands in front of a child)

(As you continue, hold up appropriate
number of fingers on hand.)
Four little monkeys . . .
Three little monkeys . . .
Two little monkeys . . .
One little monkey . . .

(After the last monkey, stick thumbs in ears and tease.)
Say, "Missed me, missed me.
Now you gotta kiss me!"

  ~ OR ~

Repeat with four, three, two and one.
After the last monkey, say
No more monkeys swinging in the tree.
(shake head)


The Crocodile

She sailed away on a  happy summer day
On the back of a crocodile.
"You'll see" said she,
"he's as tame as can be;
I'll ride him down the Nile."
The croc winked his eye
as she bade them all good-bye,
Wearing a happy smile.
At the end of the ride
the lady was inside,
And the smile on the crocodile.


Never Smile At A Crocodile

Never smile at a crocodile
No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile
Don't be taken in by his welcome grin
He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin.

Never smile at a crocodile
Never tip your hat and stop to talk a while
Never run, walk away
Say "Good night" not "Good day"
Clear the aisle and never smile at Mister Crocodile.

You may very well be well-bred
Lots of etiquette in your head
But there's always some special case
Time or place to forget etiquette.

Don't be rude, never mock
Throw a kiss, not a rock
Clear the aisle and never smile at Mister Crocodile.


Alpha Alligator Tune

(Sung to the tune of: "Little Bunny Foo Foo")

Naughty, Naughty Alpha
Swimming through the swampland,
flipping little froggies
off the lily pad.

Up came ole Alpha and he said,
Do you think its funny
Swimming through the swampland
flippin little froggies
off the lily pad?

Silly, silly Alpha
Didn't look behind him.
Up came all the froggies
They dunked his head right in.


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Number Eating  Alligator Song

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