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Alligator Pinata






Mini Alligators



Alligator Play Figure



Stuffed Alligator Toy






Alligator Arts & Crafts Ideas



Reptile Skins

Let children crumple up a sheet of newsprint into a tight ball.
  Then have them lay the paper flat on the table.  It will be crinkly
 like a reptile.  Provide two or three shades of green paint and maybe
 a brown as well, and let them use sponges to paint the paper.
  It will look just like an alligator skin.


Sparkly Alligator

Give each child a cut out of an alligator from green construction paper
and let the children paint it with green glitter paints and add wiggly eyes.


Handprint Crocodile / Alligator

Materials Needed:
 white paper
washable green paint

Paint the child's palm with the green paint. Have them make a print for
 the head by putting their fingers together and extending their thumb. Then,
 have them make prints for the body with fingers and thumb together (about three prints).
 Have them use their thumb to make the feet. When dry, have them add features
 (eyes, mouth, scales, toes) with markers. Have Fun!


Alligator Puppet

Materials Needed:
Alligator teeth and eyes cut from poster board
Egg Carton (not styrofoam)
12 " red crepe paper
Two 3" pipe cleaners
White Construction paper
Green paint and brush
Black Marker

Cut egg carton apart.  Poke two finger holes at one end of the egg carton lid.
  An adult should complete this step.  Paint both halves of the egg carton.  Allow
 paint to dry completely. Cut alligators teeth and eyes from poster board.
  Draw eye details with black marker. Glue or staple the red crepe paper to the
 end of the egg carton near the finger holes.  It should move freely and extend past
 the other end.  This is the alligators tongue.  Make a two inch slit in the top of
 the lid near the two finger holes.  Slip the eyes into the slit, facing away from the
 finger holes.  Secure with tape or glue.  Glue or tape the teeth to the inside of the
 top of the carton so they extend below the lid.  Use two pipe cleaners to attach
 the carton top to the bottom.  Poke a pipe cleaner through the end of the lid.
  Poke the other end through the egg carton bottom.  Open the carton and twist
 the two ends together firmly.  Do the same on the other side.  Insert your first
 two fingers into the top two holes and place your thumb on the bottom.
  Now your alligator is ready to chat... or to CHOMP!




Cut out an alligator from green paper and glue or color an eye on it.
  Use a short piece of red ribbon, pipe cleaner, etc. for a tongue
 letting it extend off the paper - this may work more for the lizard.
  Then glue on top an alligator cutout made from bubble wrap -
 to give the scale effect.  I thought it was really cute.
One note - each child was given one wiggly eye for the project.
  My dd 2 at the time was QUITE concerned that there weren't two
 (everybody knows alligators have two eyes!).  We drew a second
 one to keep the peace, but had a great conversation/demonstration
 on perspective when we got home!


Puffy Paint Alligators

Have children squirt puffy paint onto paper and use
 sponges to create patterns and texture.

Puffy Paint Recipe

Equal amounts of flour, salt, and water. Add liquid
 tempera paint for color. Pour into squeeze bottles.


Textured Alligator

Drop a spoonful of green fingerpaint on a sheet of paper and then
 sprinkle some sand onto the paint.  Invite the child to mix the
 sand into the paint and create a textured finger painting.  When
 the paint is dry, cut out an alligator shape from the paper.  Have
 the child glue on wiggly eyes and white construction paper teeth.


Alligator Paper Collage

Shaving Cream and green tempura paint and plastic alligators!



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